Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


37. Australia!

A/n hey guys I know I'm doing a lot about Louis and Avery but there's gonna be some Carter and Harry in the next few chapters. But as you've probly realized by now I like drama. I like horror. So beware!!!!!!;-)
And thanks for reading<3
Louis' POV
I was sooooo excited to go to Austrailia! We went on the Up all Night tour. It was one of our favorite places. Absolutly Beautiful! And the girls had never been Neither had Stanley or Hannah who were coming along. My mum and sisters had to go home. It was great having Stanley here and Hannah and I are getting along suprisingly well. She hasn't even tried to make a move on me. We were leaving tomorrow so we were getting packed and ready. Liam got the plane tickets, and Zayn made the hotel reservations for ten days. Stanley was helping me pack.Honestly I was happy that I had an extra couplebof days to recupperate. I was still in pain and tired most of the time. The doctor arranged for me to have a theripiest come to the house every day. And let me be the first to tell you that I need one. I killed someone, went to the hospital twice, and died all in one week. I also had someone probably trying to kill me. Rachel. I liked him so much and he helped feel quite a bit better about the situation. Because of this we ofered to let him go with us but he said no and that I could call him whenever. I'm still in a wheelchair. I actually like sitting down all the time but I feel like a lazy American.(a/n Sorry if I ofended anyone I'm American too) Like I said before Stanley was helping me get packed right now. "Stanley." I whined starting to get out of the chair. "I can pack myself." He quickly pushed me pack into the chair and said "No no no you need to stay in that chair and rest until we leave. Now what shirts do you want?" He said holding up a striped shirt and a plain red shirt. "What do you think?" I asked jokingly "You're right." He said packing the red shirt. "C'mon mate!" I said he laughed and said "I'm only joking!" he said taking out the red shirt and putting in the striped one. We both started cracking up. And finished packing.
*The next day.*
Today we were going to Australia! Our plane left at 2:00 and I woke up when the clock read 8:00. I got into the wheel chair and went into the living room to watch some t.v.. At about 8:45 I decided it was time for everyone else to wake up. I woke up Stanley first who was sharing my room. Avery was sleeping with Carter while I was recuperating and Harry was on the couch in the den. And anyways I wanted to spend as much time with Stanley as possible since he was going back to Doncaster after the trip. I wheeled up to Stanley's face and that if he didn't wake up I'd make him eat a carrot. That got him up. The lad really did hate carrots. He screamed and I told him that we were going to wake everyone else up. He imediately agreed and we went to Niall first. Stanley helped me up the stairs and into his room. "Niall wake up! Nandoes is here and needs taste testers!" I whisper-yelled in his ear. We then went to Eleanor who was sleeping next to him but he wouldn't let us wake her up because he wanted to. We agreed and left to go to Zayn and now Perrie's room. We didn't go to the bed we just stayed at the door and yelled "Get up before Niall breaks all the mirrors!" That got them up and they both ran to yell at Niall. We didn't stop them. We then went to wake Liam and Danielle. "Liam wake up! Harry's next to you and he has a bucket of ice!" We yelled. That got them up. By the time we got down stairs again Avery, Carter, and Harry were Already up and eating breakfast. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to do them some other day. *three hours later.* We were finally leaving for the airport. We went through security and went to our gate. No one else was there except Paul? "Why's Paul here?" I asked Liam. "Look out the window." He said we looked and all said oh my God. There was a big jet that said One Direction Airlines on the side. We imediately borded and saw it was a beautiful private jet. The boys and I had been on one before but not this nice. "I called Simon and told him what had happened and how we were going to Australia and he said that he'd hook us up." Liam said We started flying and after many hours we finally landed. We were in Australia!
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