Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


20. Answers

Louis' POV
I opened my eyes. I was still where I was before. I still didn't know where though. Everyone was still in the room. Avery saw me and imediately left the room. Everyone else rushed over to me. I just stared at them for a second and asked "Where am I?" "In a hospital." Danielle said "A hospital?" I asked "What happened?" "We don't know. You tell us." Harry said I thought for a second and then remembered. I had to get out of there before they asked what happened. in the house. I quickly got out of bed and ran to the window hoping I was on the first floor. But I wasn' t I was on the fifth. "Shit." I thought then I heard someone come in. I turned around to see a doctor and Avery. "What the hell?" Avery asked I then gave up. I walked back to my bed and lay down. I closed my eyes to go to sleep but the doctor told me I had to stay awake and made me sit up. "Why were you at the window?" the doctor asked "I want my mum. I won't talk till I have my mum." I said crossing my arms Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. then the doctor said "You can't have your mum." "Why not?" I asked "She's in Doncaster and you're in London and we need answers now." He said "About what?" I asked trying to stall "About waht the hell happened in the house and why you were at the window?!" Liam yelled I finally broke down crying. After a minute I said "Okay, fine I'll tell you." "In the house last night..."I started but was interrupted by Zayn "You mean three days ago." he said "Three days?" I asked "Yeah." The doctor said "You were in a coma but woke up about three hours ago and then went back to sleep. Do you remember waking up?" He continued "Vaguely." I said "Okay good now please contiue." He said writting something in a notebook. I continued "In the house... after you left Avery...Dallas..." I started crying again "It's okay, Louis you can do it." Avery calmly encouraged I waited a minute and then started talking again "When you left I turned Dallas around and punched her in the face..." "That's not too bad." Niall said inturrupting me "That's not all and will you please stop inturrupting me! This is hard enough without your little comments!" I snapped "Okay sorry." Niall said I continued " Like I was saying, I punched her and then she kicked me in the gut so hard it stopped my breathing. When I fell to the ground in pain she sat on top of me and held a knife over me. She was about to stab me when I took got the saw that had fallen behind me when I fell and... I..." I was crying really hard at this point. "And you what?" Harry asked " And... I... I... killed her." "You what?" Liam said "I'm not gonna say it again!" I yelled. "Okay sorry." He said I was crying really hard again when Niall said "It's okay it was self defence." "No. Niall it wasn't." I said " I killed an innocent girl. A fan." "Innocent?" Eleanor said"She fucking kidnapped us!" "Yeah but she just loved us. I could've just gotton you to call the police but I didn't I killed her." I said Everyone was silent until I asked "Why exactly am I hear anyways?" "We were gonna ask you." the doctor said " Do you remember anything weird from that night after you got home and went to bed?" I remembered the dreams. I stopped crying and then said "I remember I had a lot of nightmares. I kept reliving the killing. But one dream in particular bothered me." I told them about the last dream finishing with how I couldn't open my eyes. "That's it." the doctor exclaimed "That's what?" Carter asked "That's why you're here. that's why you had the seizure!" "The what?" I asked stunned "The seizure. You had a seizure from all the stress that day and then you had such horrific dreams that you just seized." the doctor said "That's why he was thrashing in the sheets." Avery said "But." She continued "That doesn't explain why he went into a coma." "Wait. I said you slept with me? You saw me have the seizure and didn't wake me up?" I asked "Well I didn't know it was serious I thought it was just abad dream." She said "Louis." the doctor said. "You were probably in a coma because you were sleeping when you seized and didn't open your eyes during it. It could also have been from the shock of it all. I don't know for sure but at least you're awake and fine now." he said "But why did you try to jump out the window?" Harry asked "Suiside?" "No." I said "Then why?" Zayn asked " Because I didn't want to talk about what happened. It hurts too much." I said This was awful. I felt so weak and helpless crying in front of my friends. I was always the funn and funny one I never cryed in front of anyone. "Well." the doctor said giving me two pills and a glass of water "Take these." he said and started to leave "Wait!" I said "When am I going home?" "Tomorrow." he said and walked to the door "Wait!" I said again he turned around "yes?" "thank you." I said with that he left the room. I took the pills and imediately felt drowsy. I guess they were sleeping pills because I immediately fell asleep.
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