Taken by Surprise

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
-Louis Tomlinson<3
What happens when One Direction gets kidnapped with their girlfriends and opening act? Will they make it out alive and if they do will one haunting mistake kill them instead?
Find out in Taken by Surprise.


56. Amusement Day!

Louis' POV
Today was going to be a very busy day. The boys and I were taking the girls and their families and friends to four amusement parks in Orlando. Blizzard Beach, Universal, Epcot, and Disney world. Well maybe Disney world. Only if we have time. But definately the other three which is why I'm up at 7:00 on a Saturday. We were all getting dressed and ready. At 8:00 Carter's family came to the girls' room which is where we're all stood right now. "Let me guess." Avery said before anyone even said anything. "My family's asleep and will be until at least 11:00." Carter's family looked shocked that she knew but they just nooded. "They didn't really want to come so we're meeting them at Epcot for dinner later tonight. But your brother's here." Carter's mom said. After that Avery's brother appeared in the door. She smiled and hugged him. After that we all left to go to our fist stop. Universal. It was awesome. I some how got Avery on some of the rides although, like Harry and Zayn she hates them. Carter did the same to Harry. We had just gotton a picture of the two of us during the ride. We were kissing. "That's a keeper." I said to Avery with a cheeky grin. After that we left to go to Blizzard Beach. That was even more fun. Avery and I went on all the rides together as did Harry and Carter. We all had so much fun together. All about seventeen of us. At about 5:30 we left Blizzard beach and still had till 7:00 to go to Epcot for dinner so we went to Disney land. Not as fun but still awesome. After that we went to Epcot. We got in the park and went straight to the Englad section. We were having dinner here. We ate and talked. "I wish I could go to England again." Avery's mum said. "You can come visit us sometime." I said out of the blue. "Really?" she asked "Really?" Avery asked a bit skeptical. "Okay I'd love to!" She said smiling "What about us?" everyone else said almost at once. Again. Creepy. "Yeah we have a couple weeks off you guys should come. We're going back in two days."Liam said "Two days? I thought we were leaving tomorrow." Carter said "Well we got Simon to let us stay an extra day." I said "Louis can I talk to you? Now." said an angry Avery. Shit I'm in trouble. We went to the bathroom hallway and I asked "What's wrong love?"
Avery's POV
I can't believe he invited my mom to London. Without my permition. He has no idea how my mom is does he. "What's wrong love?" He asked once we reached the bathroom hallway."What' wrong?" I said "What's wrong is that you just invited my mom of all people to London!" "What's wrong with that she really wanted to go." He said "What's wrong is that she hasn't been in twenty-five years. Last time she didn't want to leave so bad she puked in the taxi! She'll break the bank with all her shopping and then some. She won't ever want to go home."I yelled He looked shocked. And scared. "Sorry I just I don't know about this Louis." I said it's okay I'm sorry I asked with out you permission. I'll tell her she can't come."he said ."No no as long as we set a set date for them to go home we'll be fine. I'd love for her to go to London again. I'm just worried she'll be really upset to leave." I said "Well we can invite them next week and they can stay until we have more rehearsals so they have to go home. That way she'll understand and won't be as upset." He said calmly. "Okay. Good idea Louis. We'll do that. I'm sorry I was mad at you. I love you." I said "I love you too." he said and we walked back to the table. "Everything okay?" my mom asked. "Yeah we were just discussing you guys comming to London." I said "Yeah you guys can come for a week starting not tomorrow, but next Sunday."Louis said. "Aww that long?" Sam moaned. "Yeah sorry we just were kinda planning on relaxing next week. We hope you understand."Louis said "And Sam if you wait till the next week you'll be able to meet Ed Sheeran as will I 'cause I have yet to meet him myself." I said and she screamed. "Okay that's worth the wait!" she said and we all talked and ate the rest of oir dinner. By the time we were finished it was about 9:15 and we were glad we'd already packed our bags into the cars. After we left the restaraunt we drove and dropped our friends off then dropped the boys off at a hotel, then Carter and I got to go to our homes. 'cause the park had already closed. Oh well maybe we can walk around more next time. The next day my dad took off work and we did what we'd have done if all this hadn't happened on a weekend. We even visited some places like Carter and I's old school. I was suprised to see Carter there as well. We asked the new principal if we could call the boys and have a little assembly in the auditorium and she couldn't say no. The kids were so excited. We and them did a few songs and Carter and I spoke a little. By the way this was our old highschool. It was such a fun day. After I had take out dinner at one of my favourite old reatauraunts I went to bed and woke up the next morning to my phone alarm clock. Then I got all my stuff and my dad and brother drove me to the airport. My mom stayed home 'cause she was sick and probably didn't want to get up anyways. When we got there the boys and Carter's family were already there. We said goodbye and that we'd see them soon and boarded the plane. I'm not gonna say there wasn't a tear dropped as we boarded by our families and us. After we were in the air I said to Louis who was sitting next to me. "Thank you . For everything. From the concert to Orlando to the extra days. For even letting us be your opening act. I love you Louis Tomlinson." "It wasn't all me. It was a joint effort by all of the boys and even Simon." he said "Oh and I love you too Avery Hunter." After that we kissed and continued the flight. I thanked all the other boys too and eventually fell asleep. What a great tour. I got to go to places id only drempt of any got to do it while living my dream with my best friend and five new ones. I am loving life. I can't wait till I see my family and friends again next week and until the Australian part of the tour. Like I said Lovin' life.
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