Our Little Family (Sequel To My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story)

This is the sequel to; My Brothers Friend ~ A Niall Horan Love Story <~ Read that first please. Still the same characters. Like, fav, comment<3(:


2. Drained

I sit down on the floor beside Liam and watch everyone play with Carly. After Carly was born the fans went nuts, I'm always getting tweets that say stuff like "Awww! Congrats on baby Carly! Post pictures of her! xoxoxo" And "Baby Carly is sooo sooo sooo adorable xxxxx!". I'm glad all the fans like her, but when she gets older I don't want her to always be getting mobbed whenever she tries to go out with friends. It's not fun getting mobbed by fans, trust me. But I love all my fans even though they stalk me, Carly and the boys all the time. They are a part of the Directioner Family as Niall always says. "Hey babygirl" I say in a high pitched baby voice to Carly as she looks around the room. El looks at me and has a weird look on her face. "What was that?" She asks and I laugh. I get Carly from Liam and I smile as I rock her in my arms. She's just amazing. If I'm not feeling good or something like that when I hold her I always feel alot better. Niall holds her like 80% of the time though. But atleast he's a good father. Everyone says that I'm a good mummy and I appreciate that. "Can I see my baby?" Niall asks as he stretches his arms out to hold her. "Here babe" I say as I gently hand her to him. "She seems sleepy, I'll go put her in her crib" Niall says as he stands up. After he goes to Carly's nursery and puts her in her crib we all get up and sit on the big couch. "So are you guys hungry?" I ask. Everyone nods. "What about food?" I hear Niall say as he walks down the hall. "Shhh Niall" I say as I get up and go to the kitchen. I make everyone sandwiches, because I don't feel like making a huge mess. "Foods ready" I say as I walk back into the den. They all get up and go get a plate. I'm so drained...
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