Something Special

When Katie (based on me) meets her all time favorite boy band, falls in love and dates one. What will happen when she mets her dad and ex-'boyfriend'. Will Harry find her in time?
Ok this is a fan fiction I wrote a while ago and im just going to post it on here. Please tell me what u think.


3. The Divorced

So like I said my parents go divorced when I was 7. I know lots of kids know how it feels like to not have two parents, and it's not really fun.

My dad wanted me so I went to live with him, but my mom didn't want me to. I don't know why, but they always told me that my dad is a little mean when he's drunk and not good to be around.

I always thought it was crazy cause I haven't seen him drunk, well not as much as they say. Anyway I lived with dad. He wasn't as mean until I was in 6th grade.

He payed boys to date me, because he said I was ugly, but I'm not. Then by 7th grade he told them to do bad things to me, like stick their hand down my pants and up my shirt.

It was horrible, some of them actually treated me nicely, and didn't do any of that stuff to me, and they just became my friends.

When my dad found out they didn't do any of that stuff and that they we'er friends, he would yell and sometimes hit them or punch them and then he would take their money. He has scared me ever since.

In 8th and part of 9th grade he payed some guys to rape me. I was always hiding in a corner and closets and every where I could. I only go raped once though, by my "boyfriend."

His name is Lucas or Luke. But in the middle of 9th, when I just turned 15 grade the police came and arrested my dad and I went to live with my mom and stepdad.

My stepdads name is John, he is very nice and treats me like his princess. I love it because my dad always treated me like dirt. I didn't want a boyfriend though cause I still didn't trust guys, even though my dad made boys do stuff by paying them. And I still don't know where Luke is, I haven't seen him in a long time. I remember he went to jail for a while, but I don't know how long. I'm scared he will find me cause he said before the police draged him away

"You can't hide from me, Kate. I will find you and when I do, it won't be pretty!"

So now you know why I don't want him to find me. And now for the rest of my story.





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