Something Special

When Katie (based on me) meets her all time favorite boy band, falls in love and dates one. What will happen when she mets her dad and ex-'boyfriend'. Will Harry find her in time?
Ok this is a fan fiction I wrote a while ago and im just going to post it on here. Please tell me what u think.


6. The Date

I woke up and stretched. I look at the clock 12noon. Friday, WAIT friday. No school and I have a date. A date with Harry Styles. I am so nervous!

I got out of bed and got in the shower. I washed my hair and body, and got out. I put on my bra and underwear and then blow dried my hair, and curled it. I went to my closet and picked out a pink summer dress with white flowers on it, that stopped close to my knees. I found white sandals with a little bit of a heal on it. I put on some light pink eyeshadow and some eyeliner and mascara. I then put on some pink shinny lipgloss.

I was ready, I grabbed my purse and walked down stairs. I went to the kitchen and sat on a barstool.

"Hi sweetie"mom said.

"Hey." I said with a smile, my newly whitened teeth showing.

"Beautiful darling!" My mom said just as the doorbell rang.

"Hello Mrs. Howard, I'm here to pick up your daughter" Harry said with his famous smile.

"Call me Emily." My mom said shaking his hand.

I walked to the door and smiled at him.

"Be home by 10!" my mom yelled as we got into the car.

"So Mr. Styles where are we going?"  

"I thought we could go to the mall, and have some fun"    

"What kind of fun?" I asked smiling.   "Like pranking people"      

"Ok?! So well be in disguise?"    

"Yes, Yes we will Mrs. Styles"    

"Mrs. Styles??" I asked wearily.

"Oh you have to change your name, and I picked Styles. You know just like Harry Styles, the devilishly good looking lad from One Direction."Harry said sarcastically. We both laughed.

"Ok Mr. Styles, how are we going to do this?"   

"Here" Harry said handing me a bag with sunglasses, hats, scarves, and everything else you need to change your appearance. We pulled into the mall parking lot and pick out disguises. I pick out really expensive sunglasses, a white silky scarf, and a nice hat that matched my dress. Harry had some expensive sunglasses, a hat and a nice leather jacket. First we walked into a clothing store and tried on a lot of clothes until we got kicked out.

We then walked to another store and asked pointless questions to about everyone in the store, until the mall cops came. We ran and acted very immature, like kids.

We also scared people and Harry even told some who he was. We got tired and went to go eat.

We actually did some shopping, so we put our, well my accessories into the bags. We ate our food and then went to watch a movie that was in the movie theater.

We laughed and where loud, but when the works came in we just sat quietly and hid out faces.

By about 8 we left the mall. Harry took me back to the boys and his flat. When Harry opened the door the boys stopped running and chasing each other, and doing whatever else and tackled Harry to the ground. I was laughing so hard I started to cry.

Then the bos yelled "One, Two, Three!!!" be for I knew it I was smushed under 5 teenage boys.

"'t...breath.."I said gasping and shaking.

They all got off me and helped me up. "You ok?" Liam asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just I'm not use to getting smushed." I brushed down my dress down, then followed Harry and the boys to the kitchen, and of course it was a mess, just like the rest of the house.

We ate some pizza, and then watched Toy Story because Liam was almost in tears, because the boys said no.

During the movie I was looking around at the boys, the boys of One Direction. I could see them being my friends, guys, boys, men, I could trust.

When the movie was over Harry took me home. When we got to the door Harry grabbed my hands.

"I want to keep hangout with you Katie. Thanks for this afternoon." Harry kissed my cheek and left.

When I got inside mom was on the couch, with a cup of tea.

"So tell me everything."

So with my own tea in hand, I told her everything, from acting like kids to the point where I felt like I could really trust the boys, and I even told her about harry saying he would want to hangout again.

My mom is my best friend, I don't care if you call me weird, but its true, since I don't trust or talk to a lot of people anymore. She was so happy I made friends. I went up stairs and got dressed for bed and she came in and tucked me in, like a child.

"I'm so proud of you sweetheart, Love you, Goodnight."  

"Goodnight mom, love you too." I said and with that I fell asleep thinking of Harry and the boys, My New Friends.     



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