Something Special

When Katie (based on me) meets her all time favorite boy band, falls in love and dates one. What will happen when she mets her dad and ex-'boyfriend'. Will Harry find her in time?
Ok this is a fan fiction I wrote a while ago and im just going to post it on here. Please tell me what u think.


10. Secrets untold

**Katies POV**

I'm flipping through channels when I come across one that talks about the state jail. The same one Luke is in.

I continue to watch out of pure curiosity. It's ok at first, it talks about the prisoners lunches and activities. Then it gets to the part where they tell you the people who is transforming in and who is getting released. I shiver and watch.

"Luke Mitchell is getting released today on leave, Tim Doyle is...." I tune out the rest.

Luke, Luke Mitchell as in my ex. He is getting released. Oh my... I'm in trouble.. This is not good.. He's gonna find me.. He's gonna kill me..

I start to panic and pick up my phone and call Harry. Crap crap crap. I will have to explain.

I start speaking in a rushed voice. "Katie claim down.. Talk to me, slowly."

So I slow down and tell him the whole story. I tell him about my parents divorce, what my dad did, and then what Luke did to me. When I finished telling him I was shaking.

"Oh gosh Katie that's bad, and you said they released him from jail today?" Harry asked

"Yes Harry, I'm so scared."

"Well come over and talk." I hung up and got some stuff to take with me. I got there a few minutes later. I knocked on the door, and Louis opened it.

"Kays!" Louis hugged me tight. I hug back and we walk into the living room.

"Guys Katie has something she want to tell us." Harry says with pity in his eyes.

"Well.. I don't know how to start.." I explain.

"Just start from the beginning." Harry says as he sits next to me.

With that I start. "Well my parents got a divorce when I was 7. I went to live with my dad. My mom pleaded with the judge to not let him have me but the judge said it was only fair if I went to live with him since he was more financially stable."

I took a deep breath and continued. " I didn't understand why my mom was so determined at the time, but later I did. I was fine, my dad was fine until around 6th grade. He.. He started drinking more. When he drinks he gets mad, and scary. He would call me names and say I was a waste. He called me ugly and finally he started paying and bribing boys to 'date' me." Harry raps his arms around me.

" Dad got worse as time went on. By 7th grade he would pay boys to touch me, few tried to make me have sex with them. When I refused he would beat me and the boy. Some of the boys where nice to me though. When my dad found out, though, it was not pretty. In 8th grade my dad found a guy that would do anything my dad told him to. His name is Luke, Luke Mitchell. He is probable the worst person, next to my dad, to be on this earth. Luke would..." I was crying, and shaking.

"It's ok Katie, you don't have to go on." Liam said, tears in his eyes.

"No I have to. Luke would... He would rape me. Sometimes abuse me too." I was looking at the ground now. " I thought my life was over, I couldn't take it anymore. I thought about killing myself, but I never did. Finally in the middle of my freshman year the police can and arrested my dad and Luke. My mom had been watching him and she finally got enough proof to get him arrested. And now I'm here, with a loving mom, step father, and now... U guys."

I look up and see Liam crying quietly, Zayn with tears rolling down his face and anger in his eyes, Louis crying like a baby, and Harry holding me and crying. Niall... Well Niall's not here.

"Guys? Can you guys say something?"

"What kind of person.. Why... How can someone do that! What the hell!!" Zayn asked.

I got up and sat next to him. "It's ok Zayn I'm fine. You don't.."

"No it's not ok Katie!! You are scared for life! That will never change!" Zayn cried hugging me.

I hugged him back and whispered "But now I need you to help me forget and move on. I need you guys to make me feel safe again."

The other boys came and hugged us too. After about 5 minutes of hugging we went into the kitchen to eat.


**Niall's POV**

I roll over at look at the clock.. 5:00 pm.. 5:00 pm!! Shit! I slept most of the day! The boys are gonna wonder where I went! I push Tina off me and get my clothes on. I grab my keys and get in my car.

I pull up at the flat 15 minutes later. When I walk in the boys are in the kitchen eating. I walk in and grab some food. 

"Hey Niall where have you been?" Laim asks.

"Oh.. you know... out." I walk out. Liam follows. 

"Come on man! Were you with a girl?" 

 "Maybe." I lie. If the boys knew I was out drinking they would get mad again and last time it wasn't pretty. 

"Aw Niall! Way to go man!" Liam put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. I smile and walk to my room. On the way I pass Harry's room. 

"Harry I don't know what to do now? I have no idea where he is but I know he will find me." Katie says.

"Well if he knows what's good for him he'll stay away." Harry growls. 

"Luke doesn't take no for a answer Harry! I can't just..." I continue walking. Luke? Who? If it's the Luke I know he sure as hell would find her. But why would he want to find her? I'm missing something here...


*A/N* Sorry fot the short chapter but I'm just trying to get this book started so the chapters will be short for a while. Like/Fave? Thanks xoxo 


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