Something Special

When Katie (based on me) meets her all time favorite boy band, falls in love and dates one. What will happen when she mets her dad and ex-'boyfriend'. Will Harry find her in time?
Ok this is a fan fiction I wrote a while ago and im just going to post it on here. Please tell me what u think.


7. Hanging With The Guys


**Katie POV**

So it has been a week since I started hanging out with Harry. I hang out with him and the guys all the time, but today it will be different.

Their girlfriends are coming. I finally get to meet them.

I still haven't told anyone about my past though. If i did tell someone it would be Louis. He is like the brother I never had. Or the girls, if I get close enough to them.

So my mom drove me to their flat. I kissed her goodbye, and got out. I walked up to the door, and before I could even put a hand on the door it opened and I got pulled inside.

I was freaked out for a second, but then Harry's face was right in front of mine. "Hello Beautiful" He said pecking my cheek. I felt fire in my skin where he kissed me at.

He had the most funny look on his face. I couldn't help but laugh. I was laughing so hard I started crying. Harry then picked me up and carried me into the living room. He through me onto he couch and then all the boys came and sat on me. "Ca..can..can't breath.." I managed to get out.

The door bell rang, so they all got up and ran to open the door. When they opened the door 3 girls where standing there. A blonde, a brunett, and a girl with black hair.

The blonde kissed Zayn, the brunett kissed Louis, and the black haired kissed Liam. So only Niall didn't have a girlfriend now, well actually Harry hasn't asked me out yet, so He doesn't have a girlfriend either.

So the girls came in and introduced them selfs to me and I did the same.

Then we all went to lunch and a movie. When we got home the boys played x-box, and us girls just talked.

I told them about my life, my dad, him who shall not be named, and how I got to where I am today. The girls where so understanding, and I did really trust them.

The boys soon got bored, so we watched another movie. I fell asleep in the middle of it. Harry woke me up at the end of it. He asked "Do you just want to stay the night, it's already 11?"  

"Sure, just let me call my mom." I got up and called my mom.

"Yes, but be careful, I don't want you to get hurt anymore. I love you too much"  "Ok I love you too and I'll be safe, don't worry. Bye"  


I walked to Harry "She said I can"  

"Ok, you can wear one of my shirts."Harry said as he walked me to his room.

I got changed in the bathroom and came out. Harry had pajama pants on, no shirt. I walked over to the bed and laid close to him.

"I like you a lot Katie, and I promise to keep you safe. I know something in your past stops you from trying new things, but I'll find out what it is and I'll make sure you are not worried about it anymore."he whispered as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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