Something Special

When Katie (based on me) meets her all time favorite boy band, falls in love and dates one. What will happen when she mets her dad and ex-'boyfriend'. Will Harry find her in time?
Ok this is a fan fiction I wrote a while ago and im just going to post it on here. Please tell me what u think.


8. Fun in the Sun

**Katie's POV**

We woke up and had breakfast. The girls where still here too, so we decided to do something fun. "How about the beach?" El said.

"Yeah!" We all said. We all went to get dressed, but I had to go home to get changed. So Harry volnteered to take me to my house. I ran upstairs and changed into a pink bikini then I grabbed a towel and ran out.

It was a 5 minute drive to the beach. So when we all got out we found a spot and then got in the water. Dani splashed me first, then I splashed her and el, soon all three of us where having a water fight and dunking each other.

And hour or so later we got dried off and ate lunch. While we ate lunch we talked about things. I ended up telling the girls about my dad and ex "boyfriend".

They said they wouldn't tell anyone and if I wanted some girl time they where always there.

" You know what's weird? I haven't been able to trust people, let alone guys but with u girls and the guys I feel safe."

" Well that's a good thing right?" El laughed.

"Yes a very good thing." I smiled. After lunch we got packed up and went home.

"Welcome home sexies!!" Louis yelled as we walked through the door.

"How was the beach babe?" Harry asked.

"It was so much fun!" I exclaimed. "We should go some other time together." I patted his chest and walked into the living room.

"So anyone want to go to a movie?" Liam asked.

"Sure" everyone agreed. So we all got into 3 separate cars and drove to the mall.

"What movie?" Niall asked. "How about 'How to train your dragon 2'?"

"Haha, nah to kiddish" said Zayn. "Let's watched 'X-men'?"

"Awe no.." Niall wined. "Yes now come on Niall." Liam dragged Niall behind him.

"Does he do this every time?" I giggled.

"Every time we go anywhere!" Harry chuckled.



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