One Day, One Shot, One Person

This is a romantic story based around love at first sight, meeting someone new, and finding that perfect guy. Especially if it is at an amusment park.


1. In the Begining

Today was that time I found my true love. Or so I thought. I always get confused. Anyway, my name is Megan Darling. People always tell me that I will have good luck with my love life because of my last name. So, today I went to and amusment park with my best friend, Taylor Jeglin. We were at the park, when I ran into someone. Yet, surprisingly, they didn't get mad. In fact they said "Hello love, Excuse my clumbsyness. I'm very sorry. Let me buy you something new to wear." I looked up to see not one, not two or even three guys.  I looked up to see five! I looked over at Taylor, and she was having yet another fan girl attack. I figured I would let it die down, but it didn'. I looked harder at the five boys, and suddenly recognized them. It was One Direction!! Taylor has loved them since they were on X Factor. I looked around, andthere were people staring. Then, the one I think was named Harry said "Are you alright umm. What is your name?" I looked at him again and said "My name is Megan, and this is my friend Taylor. Yes I'm fine." Then Harry said "Well, would you like me to0 buy you a new shirt?' I answered with a simple "Yes." then we went to the nearest sovenier shop. People were following us around. It got to the point where I finally yelled "WOULD YOU QUIT FOLLOWING US AROUND?!!!" I looked over at Zayn, then Niall, then Liam, then Louis, then finally at Harry. Harry looked the most stunned. I apologized, then ran away. As I got out the door, Harry called after me. When he caught up, he said "What was that all about? You do know I'm famous, and that people follow me around wherever I go, right?" I said "yeah, it just kinda got on my nerves. That's all." I looked at the ground, then Harry said "Would you like to go on a walk with me?" I nodded, yes. I ran in and told Taylor and she said "Ok, I'll see you later." Me and Harry walked to the nearest park, and there weren't many people there. That was a relief. Me and Harry started walking, When Harry suddenly stopped. I turned around, and Harry pulled me close, and kissed me. It was passionate. Some people whistled. I pulled away and whispered "What was that all about?" He whispered back "Sorry love." I nodded, then walked away. I must have dropped my phone, because I got home, and I didn't have it. I got worried, when Harry walked in. I looked at him, and said "You do know that you're tecnically trespassing, right?" He said "Yes" Then he gave me my phone. I asked him "Would you like to stay for dinner?" He said "Sure." I went into the kitchen and made macaroni and cheese. I walked out into my living room, and told Harry that it was ready. He silently walked into the kitchen. I told him "Sorry for running off today." He looked up and said "yeah mt too." We ate silently. When he was about to walk out the door, I said "Harry wait!" He turned around and said "What?" I hugged him, and said "Don't leave, I love you, and I don't want to be alone." He took off his shoes again and said "I'll never leave you." We went to my couch, and turned on Love Actually. We sat in eachothers arms, and feel asleep. I thought Harry fell asleep, but when I woke up, he was playing with my hair. I smiled at him, and he said "Did you know that you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen?" I shook my head, no. Harry smiled, and kissed my forehead. He got up and made breakfast. We ate, and then Found Taylor and the boys. Turns out that they all fell asleep outside the amusment park. Me and Harry woke them up. They were geting up when Harry asked me the most shocking questiong ever. He said "Megan, I know we haven't even known eachother for two days, but I love you, and want to spend the rest of my life with you." I looked at him and he carried on. "Will you marry me?" I nodded, yes, and Taylor and the boys jumped up. We celebrated at brunch. We started planning. In the end, Harry and I were happily married, and Taylor eventually Married Niall. Louis married Elanour, Zayn married Perri, and Liam married Danielle. Most people say that happy endins don't exsist, which I used to believe, but now I do. Me and Harry got Married in California, spent our honeymoon in Austrailia, and we got married on Valentines Day.

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