For what its worth I'm in love with you!!

Niar Lloyran (a Cher Lloyd Niall Horan fan fiction)
Ever wondered what it would be like if Cher Lloyd and Niall Horan went out
Well I did! aslo has JB and myself and friends in it :)
Hope u like
This is dedicated to Zayn is the best, Emmai 101 and veza xx


9. Z+Z

Zayn’s P.O.V

We were sitting around the dinner table, me opposite Zara, Zara next to Mikayla and Mikayla next to Justin everyone else scattered around the table. At random times during the dinner I found myself staring at Zara, and she would occasionally catch my eye and smile her sweet smile. Wait, I just got over Cher, now is not the time to be crushing on girls. Although on the other hand she was incredibly beautiful and was so cute when she giggled. But no I mustn’t.

I glanced across the table and saw Zara staring at me. Looking down, I smile. Maybe she is interested in me. I take my eyes back up to the table to find Liam staring at me eyebrows raised. He then moves his eyes over to Zara and back to me. I shrug and smile, she wouldn’t be completely off limits.

Zara’s P.O.V

Zayn kept on looking at me the whole way through dinner. I didn’t mind all that much I mean he is pretty cute, his eyes are so captivating and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. After finishing the meal we go and sit down to watch a movie, although I think Zayn and I were the only ones watching. Niall was too busy texting Cher, Mikayla and Justin were talking, Emma and Vera were doing each other’s hair, Louis, Liam and Harry had gone to bed.

Eventually Zayn turned towards me and opened his mouth as though he was going to say something but decided against it. This kinda irritated me, it seemed as though he was too nervous to even speak to me which on some levels is cute but mainly annoying. About two minutes later he turned back around and spoke.

“So, tell me a bit about you and how you met Mikayla and Justin,”

“aahhh, well, I met Mikayla briefly in primary school and then in intermediate we became really close friends and have been ever since, I met Justin same time Mikayla did only he didn’t get my number just hers. Tell me something about that I won’t already know.”

“I think I’m falling in love with you!”

Liam’s P.O.V

Before I left to go up to bed I saw Zayn sitting next to Zara. It’s nice to see Zayn into another girl just I hope that he’s not just going from girl to girl because he can or is lonely. Well at least we don’t have to worry about him and Niall fighting anymore. We can go back to being the boy band that everyone loves. By next week we should be back in our own homes and not in Justin and Mikayla’s way.

However or some reason I don’t think Zayn will be out of their way, if him and Zara get to close then he might compromise our friendship with the one person who took us in during our fight.

Zayn’s P.O.V

Zara didn’t find my answer awkward at all, in fact she responded saying the same thing back. We talked for the rest of the night and, since she had to share a room with the other girls, she slept in my room tucked up in my arms. I woke up earlier than her and left her lying on my chest. She was so cute when she slept, how could I ever wake her? I got my phone out and checked twitter deciding to chat to our directioners for a bit. I had been on twitter for at least one hour when I felt Zara move.

I looked over to her, to see her eyes flicking open, her long lashes blinking. Once her eyes focused I whispered (a rather loud whisper) good morning to her. She moaned and rolled over getting comfortable again before closing her eyes to go back to sleep.

She gave up the fight back to sleep a few minutes later and rolled back over to face me. We lay there in a comfortable silences, her fingers intertwining and playing around with one of my hands, my other hand stroking her face. Not too long after we started this did we hear Emma and Vera freaking out down the hallway because they couldn’t find Zara. We just laugh. Her eyes scrunching up in a really cute way as she laughs.

They walk in saying that I need to get up and help them find Zara as she had been kidnapped but stopped halfway through their sentence as they notice her lying in my arms. There was an awkward moment of silence before the girls started breaking out into a bunch of aaaawww’s and ooohhhhh’s.

“Are you guys like, official now, or something like that,” Emma is the first one to reply.

“I don’t know? Do you want to be official?” I ask, directing my question to Zara.

“Sure babe, we can be official.” Was her reply.

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