For what its worth I'm in love with you!!

Niar Lloyran (a Cher Lloyd Niall Horan fan fiction)
Ever wondered what it would be like if Cher Lloyd and Niall Horan went out
Well I did! aslo has JB and myself and friends in it :)
Hope u like
This is dedicated to Zayn is the best, Emmai 101 and veza xx


10. Stupid Eleanor

Justin’s P.O.V

I hadn’t done a concert in a couple of months so had decided to do one. Also wanting this to be a special concert I had decided to surprise my fans by bring in a star made famous by posting covers of my songs on you tube. You guessed it. Austin Mahone. He had a whole stage performance ready and I had mine. The show was a couple of hours off and Mikayla and I were chilling back stage talking when Austin walked in screaming at a girl. The girl yelled that she was over it all and stormed off. Austin slumped over to a couch on the other side of the room, his head buried in his hands.

Mikayla and I looked at each other, her eyebrows raised at me, in a questioning form? I walked over to him and had a quick conversation about what just happened to find out that that was one of his performers for tonight, in fact his lead performer (everything was based around her).

I left Mikayla in the room comforting Austin to go find Vera, Zara and Emma. Im sure one of those girls wouldn’t mind stepping in. Having no clue as to where these girls may be I turn down a corridor to hear the sound of girl chatting to one another and snuck into the room listening into their convocation without them knowing. I heard Vera saying how cute Austin was but how she was so nervous to go up and speak to him followed by the girls encouraging her to do so.

“Vera, there is one thing that you can do for Austin that he would really appreciate,” I said making the girls jump and turn around screaming at me not to listen into conversations not involving me.

“look Vera, one of Austin’s performers just pulled out, she was the one who was acting like his love interest in both say something and say your just a friend, I won’t tell him that you are interested in him you just can do this for him you will therefore be talking to him and he will notice and remember you it works for both of you.”

She looked at me unsure. But agreed to do it anyway and followed out of the room.

About an after Vera had agreed to do this for Austin I walked in to see them chatting away nicely to each other even possibly flirting. Vera seemed to have picked up on the moves quickly and was ready for the show within minutes.

Louis’ P.O.V

I had brought Eleanor to the concert as we still had to stay with Justin but after about five minutes after we arrived she disappeared. I had walked around everywhere looking for her when I open a closet and found her getting it on with one of Justin’s dancers.

After my encounter I had gone and locked myself in the bathroom. There was no way I was leaving it as my face was bright red and I had cried continuously.

Harry’s P.O.V

It had been at least 1 hour since Louis had started looking for Eleanor and at least 1 hour since I last saw or talked to him. I have spent the last five minutes looking for him and then coincidently I run into Eleanor.

“Hey, Louis was looking for you, do you know where he is?” I ask hopefully.

“I was hoping you could tell me that.” She said looking guilty. I spent a minute looking at her before I could guess what happened.

“YOU CHEATED ON HIM!!!!” I scream at her, my face going red from anger.

“Things have just been so difficult between us at the moment, and I just haven’t been coping. I’m sorry Harry, I really am, I feel so bad, Harry please look at me. Please, I really am sorry!” she says tears in her eyes. “Harry please help me I really love him and don’t want to lose him. Please.”

I just stomp away from him going through the whole stadium looking for him.

Emma’s P.O.V

Zara was just talking about how amazing Zayn was, Vera was with Austin and Mikayla with Justin so I decided to go look for a quiet place to think. I walked to the quiet side of the stadium and to a room without lights on however the door was locked. I was just about to walk away when I heard a voice mutter from inside asking who it was. The voice came from Louis.

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