For what its worth I'm in love with you!!

Niar Lloyran (a Cher Lloyd Niall Horan fan fiction)
Ever wondered what it would be like if Cher Lloyd and Niall Horan went out
Well I did! aslo has JB and myself and friends in it :)
Hope u like
This is dedicated to Zayn is the best, Emmai 101 and veza xx


8. start of a happy ending

Justin’s P.O.V

It had been a week since the boys had moved in, and tensions between them had dropped but was defiantly still there. To test how much they had improved Simon and I had organised for Cher to come and visit. Only Niall was aware of the visit as we thought that, seen as she is his girlfriend, he would like to spend a bit of time with her first. We snuck Cher in the back door and straight into Niall’s room so none of the other boys saw her. And after an hour with just the two of them, we brought her out so the other boys knew what was happening and fights started immediately.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was sitting down watching TV with Justin when Niall walked out holding hands with Cher and this just ticked me off. I had finally started to cool things down a little with Niall and then this happened. I mean like perfect timing.

Niall’s P.O.V

When I walked out holding hands with Cher I immediately saw anger fill Zayn’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare try anything!” I scream at him.

“Yeah, well maybe your little girlfriend should have never said yes to you, we all know I’m better for her, I mean look at you!”

We continued screaming at each other for about an hour. Justin had led Cher out of the way of our fight and driven her home. The other boys joined in the fight at times but left before they caused any permanent damage to their rapidly dyeing friendship. In the end it was Mikayla who broke us up who walked into the house oblivious to our fight, with three of her friends following.

At this stage the two of us stormed off in our separate directions to our rooms. I spent the rest of the day crying into my pillow. I texted Cher every once in a while only to have her say that she doesn’t want to get in the way of my friendship with Zayn and if she couldn’t be with me to ensure that then that is what she would do.

Mikayla’s P.O.V

I had been at the airport to pick up my friends not aware of what was going on at my house. As soon as I saw Zara’s pale skin and long brown hair, Emma’s medium length blond hair and Vera’s soft brown hair, I let of a screaming that immediately caught their attention. They came running towards me with outstretched arms. We had a massive group huge and collected their bags before heading towards the car. We spent about another hour travelling around California going into the occasional shop ; ice-cream shops, sweet shops, and going to some amazing viewpoints around the city like the art deco buildings along the shoreline.

After our day out and their welcome to California we headed back home. We walked in to hear screaming coming from the lounge. Justin and I had hoped that Cher’s visit would go well so the boys would move out before the girls got here as not to over crowd our house. However seeing Niall and Zayn still arguing meant that we would have to cope with a five bedroom house and ten people in it.

Zayn’s P.O.V

When Mikayla walked in trailed by her three friends I was embarrassed. Why was I doing this? Was it just because I was jealous? Is Cher really worth destroying a friendship over? I now realise how much I have stuffed up. I started crying. I really have just threatened my best friendship I have ever had and almost destroyed my dream job. I have to make it right otherwise I’m pretty sure I will never sleep again.

Starting with Niall. I walk towards his room and gently knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Zayn, can I come in?” “Zayn I am over fighting please just leave me alone.” “I’m not here to fight just to apologise, Can I come in?”

I hear shuffling inside and the door then swing open. I look over at Niall. He has tear streaks don his face, how I’d imagine I look right now. As soon as he saw my face I knew that he knew I was really sorry. He just stepped towards me and wrapped his arms around me and started crying in my arms. It wasn’t long before I was crying again too.

We ended up talking on his bed for a couple of hours. Liam later walked in and shock spread across his face causing Niall and myself to crack up laughing. Liam then ran out screaming to the other boys. We all snuggled into Niall’s bed talking and when none of them were paying attention I slipped out of the room.

As soon as I was away from every one I called Cher. If I really wanted to make this right then I would have to contact her. She answered on the third ring, pretty fast giving that I’m assuming she hates me.

Cher- Zayn look, I’m not interested in you, I’m Niall’s girlfriend. Please just back off from our relationship.

Zayn- I phoned to apologise. I get that you like Niall and he really likes you back, you guys really would be a cute couple. Just harry and I had a fight over you just before Niall announced that you were going out with him and I didn’t think that was fair, we had fought over you. But know when I look back I see how happy you made Niall I have never seen him that happy and I just got jealous. Niall is a great friend I can never forget that and I hope once you are comfortable with it we can be friends and I promise I will never ever try anything ever again you have my word.

Cher- you really are sorry aren’t you

Zayn- yeah, I am, so can we forget this and move on, please?

Cher- Of course I’ve got to go now so bye Zayn thank you for moving on

Zayn- ok bye

When I hung up I heard whispering behind me, I turned to find Mikayla and her friends.

“You heard all of that?”

“Yeah!” they responded in unison.

“Hey I believe we haven’t met. I’m Zara this is Emma and Vera.”

“Nice to meet you girls, I’m Zayn.”

“We know!”

I giggled to myself and turned around to head back to the boys.

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