For what its worth I'm in love with you!!

Niar Lloyran (a Cher Lloyd Niall Horan fan fiction)
Ever wondered what it would be like if Cher Lloyd and Niall Horan went out
Well I did! aslo has JB and myself and friends in it :)
Hope u like
This is dedicated to Zayn is the best, Emmai 101 and veza xx


12. stand up against the paps

Harry’s P.O.V

I woke up the next morning with Emma lying in my arms, her head turned on the side rested on my chest, looking very relaxed. I can’t really remember what happened to lead her to stay in my bed but I guess that after our kiss we just continued talking, over a couple of red wines of course.

It was known when Louis woke up as the whole house was filled with a scream followed by loud sobs. Within seconds of his scream Emma and I were in his room calming him down, or at least trying to. After a couple of hours of trying to make him a. calm down b. eat c. take a shower and many more things we still failed at it all. I glanced up towards Emma as she looked at me. My green eyes meet with her beautiful blue/green eyes as I shook my head. It was useless. Louis needed time more than anything to get over this so it was best just to leave him.

To thank Emma for her further help, I decided to take her out for lunch. Nowhere to fancy, just to a little restaurant not too far away. The moment we walked in Emma’s eyes lit up, showing me that she liked it. We sat at a table near the window, giving us the joy of laughing at people’s fashion fails as they walked past. One lady wore striped tights with striped socks over top, a checked dress looking like it came out of the 60’s and a neon-pink turtle-neck long-sleeved top underneath. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume she was a pre-world-war-1 Christian who got thrown into the 21st century and is now trying to be all cool and in with fashion. Little tip it isn’t working.

After we had eaten a little, we decided to go for a walk in the local park. Bad idea. We were swarmed with paps, pushing and shoving us, screaming questions at the two of us. “Are you going out?” “Are you getting married?” “Are you just using Harry for his fame and money?”

Surprisingly Emma was the one to snap not me (when I say surprisingly is because she has been relatively calm these past couple of days).

“O.K., that’s it, shut up and listen to me,” she screamed at the ever growing crowd, “No I am not using him for his fame and money and I can prove that to you because we aren’t even going out, so they is the answer to are we getting married, NO. Harry and I are just friends, is that O.K. or do I need a licence or something for even that. Just leave us alone.”

Almost immediately after her speech the crowd started to disperse, happy after gaining the gossip they were after. I, however, stood there in total shock. No one had ever spoken to the paps like that, and even if they had I would have expected it to ever make them go away.

Emma’s P.O.V

When the paparazzi start surrounding us and screaming questions I started off ok with it, but then as it went on I started getting frustrated with it and in the end I just snapped at them causing them to leave us alone. I smiled as ever one disappeared before turning back to Harry finding with his jaw dropped so low it almost touched the ground and his eyes popping out of his head.

I giggled a bit as he turned to look at me, still in shock. 

“Yes Harry, I did just do that so you can close your mouth now.” After about another minute he replied saying.

“We should do that, you know.”

“Do what?”

“Make people have a licence to be friends with me.”

Both of us brake down laughing before I yell at him

“Race you to the car.” And I take off getting a major head start on him.

In the end even a 5 minute head start on him wouldn’t have mattered as he had the key to the car. Harry locked me out and sat in the car laughing at me.

I quickly came up with a plan to get me in the car and get my revenge on Harry. I walked across the street pointing at a dress in one of the shop windows, commenting on how pretty it was. This caused Harry to get out of the car and come over as I told him to come in the store with me as I tried it on. He stupidly agreed with me and walked in by me side.

“Hey look, It’s Harry Styles.” I screamed at the top of my lungs grabbing the keys out of Harry’s hand and running off to the car as a mob of screaming fans raced towards him. I sat in the car and locked the doors while he frantically tried to open the door. I opened the window a crack to hear Harry begging me to open the door for him.

“On one condition.” I informed him.

“Yes, Yes, Anything.”

“Turn around and yell to your fans that you love Emma Innes.”

“What no,” he stated as a fan started trying to take him shirt off, “Aaargghh, Fine.”

He turned around and yelled what I told him to before I let him in the car an d he quickly drove off with me in fits of laughter. The look on the faces of the girls was hilarious, but not as funny as Harry’s one of desperation.

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