For what its worth I'm in love with you!!

Niar Lloyran (a Cher Lloyd Niall Horan fan fiction)
Ever wondered what it would be like if Cher Lloyd and Niall Horan went out
Well I did! aslo has JB and myself and friends in it :)
Hope u like
This is dedicated to Zayn is the best, Emmai 101 and veza xx


4. New Zealand

A/n adding in new characters in this chapter (Emma Innes, Zara (zaza),Mikayla(miki) ) three best friend aged 19 that are extremly close), (Isabella or izzy) Emma's little sister aged 6, Justin Bieber and is in New Zealand( most beautiful country in da world;)

Izzy's P.O.V
I stare at the clock. Spending the first 6 years of your life in hospital with kidney failure isn't fun. Trust me I know.  I'm in starship children's hospital and the only thing good about it is that my sister and her friends can visit. Nothing really happens here apart from once a year Justin Bieber comes and visits though I'm not allowed to see him as I can't be unhooked from the machine keeping my alive. So instead I just lie here thinking, I think about the beaches I've seen in photos and magazines, I think about the beautiful dresses Emma, Zara and Mikayla showed me before their formal last year. This is what I was thinking about when I herd someone walk into a glass door. I looked up to see Justin Bieber rubbing his head as he walked into my hospital room.
"Honestly they shouldn't have glass doors in a hospital those things are dangerous."
I let off a small giggle.
"Have you just come into here I didn't see you last year?"
"No I've been here since I was born but can't leave my room, you never come up here why now?"
"Because I new I had missed someone out."
He said a smirk on his face. Again I giggle.
"Yes you missed me,"
"(Gasp) how terrible of me how could I ever miss someone like you out." He winks at me leaving me yet again giggling. It was now, in an awkward silence that we realized Justin was being call from down the hall. A look of urgency spreads over his face.
"Quick I need a place to hide they don't want me being back here because I wouldn't be able to get around every one and then it would be unfair, so a place I can hide?" He said it all in one breathe I wasn't sure if I even heard him right, but anyway I pointed to the bathroom on the other side of the room and he immediately ran there, closed the door and went silent. Before I knew it someone was poking his head round the door asking if I had seen Justin I told him that I saw him run down to the end of the corridor and once again was left in silence. After a few more seconds of silence Justin came out of his hiding spot. "So tell me a bit about yourself."
"Umm, not really much to tell I have an older brother who I very rarely get to see he is going to university on the other side of the country, my mum and dad are working in Christchurch earning money to keep me alive and then their is my sister Emma, she's great her and her two friends Mikayla and Zara moved here when I first came into hospital. They come in every day to see me. They will be here in a few minutes."
Before either of us could say any more the man that was looking for Justin before walked back in
"Justin!!""Kenny!!" They started having an argument about how he should be back here but all I was focusing on was the sound of three girls giggling as they walked down the corridor. "Fine well go," Justin finally gives up the fight "it was nice meeting you...I never caught your name?""Isabella, and it was nice meeting you too."

Justin's P.O.V
Izzy seemed like a really sweet girl, defiantly one I would remember. As I was walking out the door three girls approached the room.
"Oi, what did you do to my little sister."
"Wait a second, you must be Emma, Mikayla and....?"
"Zara, ya that's us, did she say good things about us?"
"Only good things, don't worry babe." It wasn't until now that I took the time to check them out. The one who's name was Mikayla looked stunning in her creme sequined collared dress and couldn't help stair at her until Kenny spoke up.
"We'll nice to meet you girls but we should be off now, Justin!" "Ya,nice meeting you!"
As we started walking away I turned around to see Mikayla dropping behind her friends. Quickly I glance back at Kenny to find him a couple of meters ahead, before jogging back to Mikayla and whispering in her ear.

Mikayla's P.O.V

I had subconsciously dropped behind Zara and Emma when he whispered in my ear causing me to jump slightly. "Can I have your number?"
"Sure, pass me your phone." We swapped phones and I entered my details under SEXY BABE XOXO before handing it back. "Bye babe, I'll txt you later." He came closer to me and gave me a soft kiss on the check before turning around and leaving. I turned around slightly red in the face to see the girls looking at me. I giggle quietly. And they start laughing.

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