My name is Alli Nertherland and I'm 18 years old. I live in my own flat because both my parents died when I was 17. I never really thought about love or falling in love utill I meet you.


1. 1

"Come on Alli, you have to take chances!" My bestfriend Dani say looking through my closet. "So are you coming to the party tonight?"

"I don't know Dani." I tell her and grab the back of my neck.

"Please, you only have to stay for an hour and if you don't like it ill let you leave."

"Fine, but only for an hour." I say giving in.

Dani starts jumping up and down. You see I am not the party type of girl, I am more quite and shy. I still don't know how me and dani are friends, I mean she's out going and talks to everyone. Then there's me who study's for every test and doesn't like talking to anyone.

Dani grabs my arm and pulls me in to the bathroom,"we're going to make you look sexy." She says with a smirk. She starts curling my hair, I stare at myself the whole time my blonde hair falls past my shoulders as she curls my hair. As she finishes my hair she dose my makeup, I don't ever wear makeup because I don't like how it looks on me. When she finishes, I look at my self. My eyes use to be a grey-blue but know with eyeliner on my eyes are a bright blue.

I put on a short black dress that goes a little past my butt. Dani gives me a pair of pink high heels to wear. Dani has on a red short dress and black flats. She looks so beautiful, thins there's me. I look so weird, I never thought I would wear something like this in my life.

We drive to the party, it takes 10 minutes to get there. When I get out of the car, I almost fall flat on my face because its so hard to walk in heels. We walk inside and I think I lost my hearing. The music was so loud, it was croweded as hell. Dani and I make our way through the crowd and to the dance floor. I stand there not know what to do. People keep shoving into me and once I almost fall over put Dani catches me

"I'm going to get a drink." Dani yells over the music.

I stand there and watch Dani disappear into the crowd. I stand there and probably look like a lost little three year old. I was standing there and all a sudden I felt someone put there hands on my hips. I jump a little and turn to see who the hands belong to. It was a boy with curly brown hair and emreld eyes. He has the biggest smile on his face.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing hear alone?" He asks

"I'm not hear alone" I reply backing away form him.

"Oh I'm Harry."


"Well Alli would you like to dance with me?"

"I'm sorry but I really have to be going."

"Well can I at least get your number?"

"Umm..,I guess."

I give him my number and turn away from him. I start walking through the crowd, it was like a maze getting through all the people. I find Dani kissing some guy, I tap her shoulder lightly.

"Dani, it's been an hour I'm leaving alright."

"Sure whatever, here's the keys." She says handing me her keys and turning back to the boy. I roll my eyes and find my way out of the house and drive home.

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