Dancing in NYC, without him.

Sophie’s Back. But with a whole new life, or at least starting trying to start that new life. She is trying to forget about that past. But will it come back at her again? On the other hand Louis loved her with all her heart. He will stop at… well nothing to find her again.


4. Bingo

Sophia's P.o.V


I walked into joffrey with my head held high. It was my 4th day there, and I had a ton of new friends.. I even took a picture on instagram with a boy named Elliot. He was awesome, I mean Yes I thought he was a little cute, but no where comparing  Louis. Ug.. That name is just always stuck in my head. I cant get it out.

Today when I walked into class they annonced that they would be holding a nutcraker show. At that moment my body, soul, and mind strived for the role of Clara. The head role. I will work my butt of to get that role. I am striving for it.

                                Louis's P.O.V


I was just so lost with out Sophie I had sudden anger bursts that only she could calm, all the boys tryed to help me much as possible, because they considered me as a Mental Reck.

I was staring at the wall when Niall came in.

Niall: Hey
Louis: What do you want.
Niall: Come on. Just google her name.

Why didnt i think of that wonderful idea before hand? I quickly pulled out my laptop and typed in Gooogle.com it came up with some weird suggestions, when i realized that i spelled Google Wrong. I typed it in again this time being more careful not wanting to mess up again.

I typed her name in, and the first result.

"Joffrey Ballet School NYC"

You know how on google they have whatever you searched for as a keyword in bold print. Well on the overveiw of the website it said.

"Joffey Ballet School would like to congradualate the following names." Then in bold print there was her name it stood out. I quickly clicked on the website. I thought for a second maybe there is a diffrent person with the same name out there. They had pictures of each person who made it, and it was her. IT was her.

Louis: Niall THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Niall looked up at my obviously curious by what i meant.

Niall: What?
Louis: I found her. It was your idea, without your idea.. trust me i would have never thought of it.
Niall: Uh... Your welcome?

I snooped around the website, and one thing caught my eye. They were doing a nutcraker preformance. Sophie would never miss a chance to preform, I need tickets was my first thought. Even if she doesnt get casted, She will probally be there to support who ever is preforming. I clicked on buy tickets.


                           Sophie's P.o.V

I decided that I want to go to a competiton I approached the director whos name happened to be Margret.

Sophie: Hello Margret
Margret: Hello Sophie what can I do for you?
Sophie: I was wondering if you knew if there was any competitions here in the area?
Margret: Looking to compete?
Sophie: Yea, havnt done it in a while.
Marget: Here you go.

She handed my a flyer for a competition.

Margret: I'll post it on the web site you will be going?
Sophie: Yea! Sure.


                              Louis's P.O.V

I went back unto the website, and it had a recent notification.

"Come show support to our star dancer Sophia while she competes this weekend!"

Louis: And Bingo was his name oh.




Sorry I didnt keep my promise about that 3 chapter's I got very sick. I wouldnt move from my bed. I slept one day for 20 hours.. I'm recovering.

Word count: 653

Stay Stunning,


Gianna <3


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