Dancing in NYC, without him.

Sophie’s Back. But with a whole new life, or at least starting trying to start that new life. She is trying to forget about that past. But will it come back at her again? On the other hand Louis loved her with all her heart. He will stop at… well nothing to find her again.


6. Arriving. *a/n about social media*

A/N : the reason I havn’t updated at the bottom                


Sophie’s P.O.V


He found me. He knows. Those were the only thoughts going through my head when I had gotten home, right after I basiclly went 85 miles. I am actully surprised I didn’t get pulled over. I locked all my doors, and pulled all my blinds. When I sat down after doing all of that. I felt it was stupid. It was Louis. Louis loves me, its not like hes going to come in and bring a gun to my head. He wouldn’t gurt me, at least don’t think he is going to hurt me. Whatever I need enough rest for tomorrow. I need to be energized.


`~~~~~~~~Next day ( day of competion)~~~~~~~~


I awoke at 6:10 to my alarm sounding off to harp playing. I don’t like very loud alams. It doesn’t wake you up properly.


I swung my feet out of bed, good thing I packed my suticase last night. I quick opened it to make sure that I had everything that I needed. Once I finished my once over. I put sweat pants over my pajama shorts, and I put a aeropostale sweatshirt on. I throw my hair into a ponytail. A girl named Carrie from my studio was going to meet me their, and she was going to do my hair and makeup for me.  I was beyond thankful. She was pure awesomeness. Carrie looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift, but she isnt. Well unless she is lying to me.  By the time I walked out of my place it was 6:30 and the competiton started at  11:00. It’s only a 45 min drive.  So I better get going now, so ill have plenty of time.


Louis’s P.O.V


Today is the day of the competiton. The day I see Sophie. After leaving the studio, I didn’t act any different.  Because if I did the boys would notice, and then I would tottaly get busted. The boys knew the plan.  I was going to dress as a interveiwer, and then you’ll have to see what happens from there. All the boys are coming too.



Sophie’s P.O.V


Once I arrived there after 3 bathroom breaks from all the starbucks I drank it was around 7:45. I walked into the competiton. I was so entergetic. I found my dressing room. Labeled with my name on it. It wasn’t very small though. It was quite roomy, that’s weird in mean only two people are going to be here today. I passed 15 minitues on my iphone, on different apps. Then at 8:00 Carrie walked in.


Carrie; I just got mobbed.

Sophie: What?

Carrie: a couple of teen girls, yelled “Its T Swift” and then I got mobbed.

Sophie: do they know your not taylor?

Carrie: Yes. Then they kinda faded from there.

Sophie: Oh. Lets see.


I walked over to thw door, and opened it. No one was there.


Sophie: Well they are gone now.

Carrie: Want to get your costume on?

Sophie: No.

Carrie: Why?

Sophie: Because… im going to be freezing.

Carrie: Too bad.

I went to my bag, and got my costume out it was black and white checkered booty shorts, and a black tight crop top, with lace in the back. It was casual, nothing too fancy. It was most likely not going to win the fancy costume award.


I got into my costume. Carrie did my hair, she crimped it, and then put it into a high pony tail. It was 8:30 when she finished my hair, and then she started my make-up. When she finished it looked wonderful. It looked like butterfly wings coming out my eyes, but they were all black. So then I guess is hould say a goth butterfly coming out of my eyes.  By the time that was done it was around 9:05. 45 min until my age group starts. I was waiting until 9:30 to get warmed up and back stage. Carrie and  I were just kind of sitting there… ya know… on our phones. Until we heard a knock on our door. That’s weird nethier of us expected a visitor…


Maybe it was another person who thought Carrie was T-Swift, a manager for the competiton, a fan of mine, or could it be… Louis? Did he find me again..


I walked towards the door, and turned the handle ………….





Yep, I’m leaving all of you with a cliffy. Anyway


My grandfather died , and its been busy, my dancing has also been a huge part in my life, but it is settlling down..


HAPPY EASTER!!! And if your reading this and its past eatser… welll HAPPY LATE EASTER!!!!


I want to clear up I don’t have a Twitter, Pheed, Instagram.. but I Do have a gifboom… Whats gifboom you say? It’s like keek with no sound. It’s like ultra cool! Anyway if you want to see what I look like I’m Gmdancer on gifboom @gmdancer.


If you don’t want to look on gifboom, but you want to know what I look like….. I have blonde hair, and blusish greenish eyes, they can sometimes change color. It’s really all I can say…..


Love you All!!!

XOXOXOX Word count: 872

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