Dancing in NYC, without him.

Sophie’s Back. But with a whole new life, or at least starting trying to start that new life. She is trying to forget about that past. But will it come back at her again? On the other hand Louis loved her with all her heart. He will stop at… well nothing to find her again.


2. 12:00


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                            Sophie's P.O.V


11:52... 11:53... 11:54... 11:55... 11:56... 11:57...11:58...11:59..

One minuite left until the joffrey ballet school audition call backs are posted online. I auditioned and, I felt like I did okay. I mean I guess it could be better. I was sitting at my laptop in my apartment. My new Apartment. Ever since the audtion I got a job at the local roller skating rink. I also got a job at the local Burger King. So it was just the right amount of money for me. It had been 3 weeks since the audition, and the same old things were happening. Louis called me at least 23 times every day. Like really? When is he going to learn, never ever in the world am I going to pick up his calls!


My Phone went off, with 7 alarms I set yesterday reminding me that i needed to check the website to see if I made it into call backs.

I quickly opened the web browser. I had the joffrey site was saved under favorites. I clicked on it. I quickly clicked on the slot that said "Recent call Backs." Then I looked at the list there had to be al least only 45 people on there. Wow, I feel terible for all the people that didnt make it. I mean having to wait for a big break finally getting it, then having it not work out can be pretty heart-breaking. I mean I for one have learned from experience.

I rapidly snapped out of my thoughts and started rolling my eyes down the list.

"Hmmm" I said out loud.

I looked through all the names and the third from last name was MINE! I MADE IT... HOLY CRAP THIS IS ACTULLY HAPPENING I WILL BE GOING TO JOFFREY!!!!

Wait... I took three seconds of normal thinking then I started up again.


And of course on the daily routines Louis calls.

I pressed Answer. 0:03 seconds of the call Louis starts screaming on the other end.


I quickly pressed end. What if like he did this special thing where when i pressed answer he can track where my phone is. That scared me. What if- What if- What If He finds me?

I shook the thought out of my brain.

Then my phone went off again. I was going to press decline when I realized it wasnt Louis calling. I picked up.


"Sophie? Where ARE YOU?"

In almost a half a second I unplaced the phone from my ear, and I pressed end. Louis called from some diffrent phone, probally with some other girl he is hooking up with. Whatever. I tottaly stopped caring.

Well, Not completly. I still do have a soft spot for him.

Then again my phone went off, this time I didnt even look at caller ID. I pressed decline.

Around 2 minuites later I got a voicemail, I typed in the code then put to phone to my ear.

"Hello, we assume you are not able to take our call right now. We wanted to personally say well done on getting into the joffrey ballet school, in about two hours the information for the call-backs, which you are apart of will be placed on the website. If your question still hasnt been answered after the information has been posted please call this number back. Well done once again. Goodbye."

I face-palmed myself. I cant believe that I was stupid enough to not look at the caller-ID. ARG.

Then for the 4th time in the last ten minuites Louis calls me. I AM SO DONE.

I press answer then quickly speak.

"Louis, I swear. I will not tell you where I am. I do not want to call this number ever again."

Without even needed a responce I pressed end.

I danced around my aparment when my text tone went off. I looked at the lit up screen. From the one and only Louis.

The text read: Fine then, I will hire someone to come and find you.

My mind went blank.... Could he? Would he?



This chapter contained 754 words! Yeah I will try to write longer chapters

I need your help!!!!

How should it go when people talk? Choice A or Choice B?

Choice A)

Sophie: Hello.
Trinity: Hi

Choice B)

"Hello" I said to Trinity.
"Hi" Trinity said greeting me back.

And for my closing I will state a chuck norris joke ( I'm obbssed with them)

Ghoasts sit around the campfire and tell Chuck Norris Jokes.

Now it's 850 words :)

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