The Dragon in the Mountain

In a harsh and bitter world locked into Conflict between an Imperialistic, Darwinist civilization living in wealth, resource and power and those who resisted dictatorship and police state living in extreme poverty. Their hastily built slums; hunted mercilessly by patrol convoys. They are Hopelessly Outgunned, but far from Outnumbered.
Hungry for revenge and with nothing to lose; a group of exiled scavengers set out on finding an old world legend which could turn the tides of war to their advantage. Their journey will test their strength, trust and witts as they are lead into perilous territory untouched by man since before the Great war of 2132. Their Goal; a heavily Modified B-1B Lancer sealed deep within the Grand Canyon. A prototype model harnessing a power unmatched by the wildest of imaginations.


1. Sneak Peak

At that very moment;
when all seemed lost, something beautiful happened.

The most exquisite flash of burning blue enveloped the stronghold that had moments ago, been raining death upon us. The celestial dancing white effortlessly cleansed the sky of black, burning inferno and scorching blazes; buckling and tearing the entire structure of this despairing crawler. The underside of it's hull gave in to the immense forces being thrust upon it. Colossal steam turbines and intricate chunks of machinery were gutted like a whale onto the bare Earth by the raw energy before the hull itself was relentlessly ripped apart like cardboard. 


Then the magazine went up; the fires of Hell swallowed it whole.


Just when I thought I'd seen enough my eyes were drawn to an image which I still remember more vividly than anything else. That silhouette in the deepest black of an Old-World warbird unlike anything i'd ever imagined. It's 300 year old engines; roaring like a clap of thunder that never ceased. It's swept wings; guiding it valiantly through the air like an angel of darkness. It's whole aura; cruising triumphantly along angelic walls of light clenching at the pathetic wreck like the hand of God himself. Smashing it down into the Underworld.

The Dragon of the Mountain was real, and those boys from New Coventry had woken her up.

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