The way my life was before

The way my life was before I met him was very typical.. But now as I think of the events of the past few months .. I've realized my life is anything but typical. I am here to tell you my story ... My story of how it all began.... I walked into my room and slam the door. I suddenly here foots steps at my door and then it opens."You will not be slamming doors in this house young lady!!not if I have anything to do with it! You live under my house, under my rules! You will obey what I say! And when I say we will be moving we are! And that's final!" My dad says in his deep booming voice. I calm down enough to say," Dad you don't understand what i will haft to go through..I new school junior year! I'll haft to make all new friends and I will only see them for two years!" He turns away slowly and walks out my room and says, " We will talk more about this to more when were both calm." I get up and shut my door and lay on my bed.


8. The next day

When I awoke the next morning he was gone. I spoke in my mind," I can't believe it...he left me." I grabbed my crunches and I stormed to my bathroom. I walked over to my shower and started the water. I realized after the day I had yesterday that's exactly what I needed this morning. I stepped into the shower and let the water run down my back for a few minutes as I though of the previous days events. I slowly cut off the water and stepped out. I returned to my bedroom and began to get ready for school. The choices I had for outfits were nice choices, so I decided on a light pink top with a flower,dark jeans a pair of tennis shoes, and a brown hodie that I probably wore to much. I got my crunches and school bag and walked downstairs to my dad and said," Hey dad I'm ready for school...can we head out soon?" With his back turned he replies," Sure. Let me get my keys and we will go now." I hesitate when he leaves and start to head for the door. If there was anything that I'm feeling right now it would be love. This love spreads more than just me. It spreads through my father and it spreads through Liam, but I can't seem to pinpoint some of my other emotions...their is sadness, hurt, and a little bit of anger. My dad returned and said, " Lets head to school now...I'm sure your ready to get out of this old house now!" As we rode to my school I realized that my dad is not acting normal..he seems kind of tense, and a little stressed as well. We arrived at school and I told myself to keep note of talk to him later. I picked up my crutches and my bag, and got out of the car. When I looked up I saw HIM. He looked straight at me and I looked away. I walked and he started to follow me, so I turned to him with an angered look on my face. He walks closer and says, " What's wrong?" I reply with a strong tone," Liam, you left me...after you promised that you wouldn't ...and besides I really don't want to talk about it. Please just don't follow me." He looks a little heartbroken and I turned and walked away. I continue to walk until i came to first class and sat in my seat until the bell rand for class to start. The teacher talked on and on about his beliefs about about the novel,The Scarlet Letter.  

Even though it is my favorite book i don't like to sit and talk about it all day..that would get real boring real quick. I just zoned out until he called,"Anna.What are your views of what the book is about?" I stutter and don't say anything. I quickly grab my bag and exit the classroom with tears streaming down my faces. I don't even pick up my crunches when i exited the classroom, so i limp all the way the the restroom. On my way there i bump into something hard. I look up and its Liam. I turn to walk away when he grabs my arm and softly turns me around. I continue to cry as he pulls me in for a hug. I stay their for a few minutes until the bell rings for next class. He walks with me until he knows that I am ok. 

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