The way my life was before

The way my life was before I met him was very typical.. But now as I think of the events of the past few months .. I've realized my life is anything but typical. I am here to tell you my story ... My story of how it all began.... I walked into my room and slam the door. I suddenly here foots steps at my door and then it opens."You will not be slamming doors in this house young lady!!not if I have anything to do with it! You live under my house, under my rules! You will obey what I say! And when I say we will be moving we are! And that's final!" My dad says in his deep booming voice. I calm down enough to say," Dad you don't understand what i will haft to go through..I new school junior year! I'll haft to make all new friends and I will only see them for two years!" He turns away slowly and walks out my room and says, " We will talk more about this to more when were both calm." I get up and shut my door and lay on my bed.


4. The new house

We finally arrived at the new house fifteen minutes later. When I saw it my mouth dropped. This house was two stories tall four bedroom, three bath, and had a double wrap around porch. I turned to my dad with amazement in my eyes, " Dad this house is amazing. One of the largest in the area." I said as I looked around. The house was most certainly one of the larger ones. I didn't really mind thought. My dad cut my train of thought when he said, " You can go inside. I've arranged for you to have the largest room, since I don't have that much stuff I was sure you could make use of the space." I jump up and give him a huge hug and then I ran in to the house. I walk up the stairs and turn left. I walk unl I come to the end of the hallway and open the doors to look for the largest room. I try several doors until I come to a room that has a built in bathroom, double doors that open to the balcony, and my bed. It seemed that someone had already moved in my bed. But for some odd reason it didn't shock me. I turn and walk to the balcony I open them a huge gust of cold wind hit my face. I walked out and embraced the cold. Then suddenly something came down and hit me on my head. I fell. My mind tunneling into the deep dark abysses of my mind. I tumble until I'm back in my land of meadows ..a land that I haven't visited in almost a week. And then I here it. That voice I so calmly adorded. It spoke and said, " Annalise are you ok?"
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