The way my life was before

The way my life was before I met him was very typical.. But now as I think of the events of the past few months .. I've realized my life is anything but typical. I am here to tell you my story ... My story of how it all began.... I walked into my room and slam the door. I suddenly here foots steps at my door and then it opens."You will not be slamming doors in this house young lady!!not if I have anything to do with it! You live under my house, under my rules! You will obey what I say! And when I say we will be moving we are! And that's final!" My dad says in his deep booming voice. I calm down enough to say," Dad you don't understand what i will haft to go through..I new school junior year! I'll haft to make all new friends and I will only see them for two years!" He turns away slowly and walks out my room and says, " We will talk more about this to more when were both calm." I get up and shut my door and lay on my bed.


3. The move

Moves are always hard on people..but me especially. But the move could be the farthest from my mind. I can't forget the voice in my dream that I had about a week ago prior to the move. The voice ..the most memorable of that dream. That is my thoughts on the whole ride to our new town. The town we moved to is called New Helena... New Helena, Virgina. It's population is that of 2,645 people. Soon to be 2, far smaller than my old town. Now I'm being forced to live in New Helena were probly everybody is related. Great. Just great. I guess the move will just take some time to get use to. I'll adjust. I'm sure. This little small town can be good for me.... Meet some new people. But then agin..I liked my old old old life..the one that I want back. I guess everyone has to go through change in their life. I guess my change is now, at the most unimaginable time in my life. I turn to my dad and say, " Please remind me why we decided to move?" He looks at me with a little smitten look on his face, " Honey we just need a fresh start. Think of it as a new beginning. There are things that happen in your life that you will haft to except, but I promise it will be ok." I listen to his statement hafe heartedly... I guess I will haft to except that...for now anyways. I reply with, " ok dad.when will we arrive at the house. I'm ready to unload some of these things." He keeps his eyes on the road and says, " Here in a few minutes. We're almost there."
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