The way my life was before

The way my life was before I met him was very typical.. But now as I think of the events of the past few months .. I've realized my life is anything but typical. I am here to tell you my story ... My story of how it all began.... I walked into my room and slam the door. I suddenly here foots steps at my door and then it opens."You will not be slamming doors in this house young lady!!not if I have anything to do with it! You live under my house, under my rules! You will obey what I say! And when I say we will be moving we are! And that's final!" My dad says in his deep booming voice. I calm down enough to say," Dad you don't understand what i will haft to go through..I new school junior year! I'll haft to make all new friends and I will only see them for two years!" He turns away slowly and walks out my room and says, " We will talk more about this to more when were both calm." I get up and shut my door and lay on my bed.


2. Packing

I go out to the garage to pick up some boxes for my bed room. When I entered my room I sat the box on my bed and look at my stuffed animals. I came across a white teddy bear, he had a brown bowtie, and had brown eyes. When I was six years old my mom and I went to the carnival. We went and played games until I won a prized. That was the teddy bear. That memory of my mom was so vital in me growing up that I almost forgot about it. Then my mom died and I was only left with the memories of her. I wiped a small tear from my eye and I started to pack my stuffed animals. They were pretty easy to pack since they all fit in one box. I continued to pack my things, then I came across a photo of my mom. She had long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that lit up a room when she walked in. My father was standing next to her smiling with me in the middle. I look more like my dad though. My mom hair was soft, smooth, and perfect, but my hair was long, brown, and rought like my fathers hair. The one thing I had from my mom was her blue eyes. I snap back from my memory when my dad enters the room and says, " are you almost done?" I turn and look at him and sniffle and say, " yeah dad. I'm almost done." He turns and walks away and I silently cry for the deep loss of my mother. The pain that I feel is only normal. It will always be there. It will never go away. They pain will always be a big, deep black whole. I whole in my heart that I can never know for sure if it will ever be filled.
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