The way my life was before

The way my life was before I met him was very typical.. But now as I think of the events of the past few months .. I've realized my life is anything but typical. I am here to tell you my story ... My story of how it all began.... I walked into my room and slam the door. I suddenly here foots steps at my door and then it opens."You will not be slamming doors in this house young lady!!not if I have anything to do with it! You live under my house, under my rules! You will obey what I say! And when I say we will be moving we are! And that's final!" My dad says in his deep booming voice. I calm down enough to say," Dad you don't understand what i will haft to go through..I new school junior year! I'll haft to make all new friends and I will only see them for two years!" He turns away slowly and walks out my room and says, " We will talk more about this to more when were both calm." I get up and shut my door and lay on my bed.


7. Awaken

I was awaken by something cool on my forehead. When I opened my eyes I was pleased to see the nurse and Liam by my side. Liam looked at me and was angered. When he realized I woke up he said," How you doing Anna?" I mumbled and grunted a few times and I said," I wanna go home Liam." He rubbed my hand and said," You'll be home soon." He looked at the nurse and said," Is it ok if I take her?" The nurse replied," Sure.ill notify her father.let him no what is going on." Liam said," Thank you." He lifts me up carries me to his car. While he walked I laid my head on his shoulder.he gently put me in the passengers seat. I laid my head on the window until he got in the drivers side. He outstretched his arm and said," Come here Anna. You can rest your head on my shoulder." I crawled over to him and layed my head down." Thank you Liam." I fell asleep before he could respond. I woke up in my bed and Liam stayed and waited. He had pulled a chair to the side of my bed."Hey." I said. He got up and walked to the double doors and looked out." Anna. I'm so sorry. I should never have left you." I get up out of my bed and stood beside him." Liam it's ok." I smiled at him and grabbed his hand and pulled him to my bed. I lay down and he layed beside me. " Don't leave me Liam." He replied with,"Never, Anna,never." I look up at him and a tear spills through my eye. He looks at me and says," What's wrong?"I rub my hand on his shirt and say?" There was this perky blonde girl in my class and she was talking and she said...." I didn't finish and Liam spoke," What did she say Anna. I want you to tell me." I think it through and say," She said that you could do so much better than me. She likes you Liam. A lot. So it's ok if you wanna be with her..I understand." I saw a look in his eyes and he said," You don't haft to worry about her. I'm not interested I'm her Anna. .....and I never will be."
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