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my name is Alice and i have a 4 year old daughter name Bella Rosmary(twilight names) and l'm 18 and the dad is Liam Payne but he dosent know it. Bella is really sick and l find Liam's adress and give it to child support to bill the hospital bills to because l can't aford it. What will happen next? BELLA ROSMARY JUST NEEDED HELP!! But what if it becomes more.


8. Sorry l'm not sorry!

Liam pov

The next day l woke up to a knocking soundat seven a.m. "what do you want?" l ask Alice. "Do you want to see your daughter?" she said crossing her arms over her chest. "yes when?" l asked excited."then tell Harry to stop caring for her!"  she said. "why?l l ask confuse. "because she thinks Harry is her dad. she asked  why daddy couldn't stay. and l ask her her what her favorite thing about daddy and she said his curls. Liam she thinks your just  some friend not the farther!" "hey Alice what you doing here?" Niall ask from behind me now all the boys were awake and at the door. "Well l think it would be best if all of you stay away from Bella Rosmary espacially you harry." Alice said feeling bad  knowing they all liked Bella. ''Why?" they all ask with sad faces. "why me." harry asked looking hurt. "Because l am her farther not you and l don't need her thinking other wise!" l said pissed off. "Harry Bella thinks you're her dad and when you don't show up some day, she is going to get sad and depress and when she"s depress she gets sicker and her bidy gives up fighting and l can't have that happen becuase then l will kill you and get out in jail!" she said getting very discripted. "Well it's not my fault l've being acting more like a farther than Liam ever been!" Harry said now getting in her face. "WHAT THE HELL!!!" I screamed pushing him. "Harry l swear to god you aren't acting like a farther you are acting like a dick! Ih and by the way Liam is more of a farther then you will ever be!" She said taking up for me now she was in Harry's face. "How is that he left you and abonded Bella?!" he scream in her face pointing at me. "THAT GUY OVER THERE GAVE ME A CUTE LITTLE GIRL WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY EVER AND WOULD DO ANY THING fOR BELLA ROSMARY BECAUSE HE LOVES HER AND HE HER FARTHER YOU COULD LEGALLY ADOPT HER ALL YOU WANT BUT IT ME AND LIAM WHO CREATED HER AND IT'S ME AND HIM WHO ARE GOING TO BE CALLED MUMMY AND DADDY!!" she said all up in Harry's face. She took up for me l don't know why hut she did. "Well l don't think the whole Liam being call daddy thing is working out to well!" Harry said crossing his arms and smiling thinking he won. But Alice Cracked.



Alice pov


I cracked l literally couldn't take it. l ran over to Harry getting ready to jump on top of him and attack him but Louis strong arms grabed my waist pulling me away. l was stronger then they thought l threw punches in the air fighting Louis grab, l finaaly got out of his grasp, l think the boys were shocked that a little girl like me could fight out of his grasp.; l ran to harry and tackle him to the ground. I rose my hand to punch him in the face but he grabed my fist, and flipped us around to were he was on top. He pinned my hands down five inches away from my face. "What wrong love got anger issues?" Harry ask laughing. I instantly picked up my left leg since he was stradle on top of me and need him in the balls really hard. He rolled over in pain holding the area and the boys just stared at me shock as shit. "you got to be shitting me you never saw a girl win a fight before?" l said getting up and walking out the door. I turned arounf and Harry was getting back up. "Sorry," l said smiling l turned back tot the door and then back around. "l'm not sorry!" l said looking at him smiling and doing a flirty wave to Harry and walked out the door slamming the door.

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