Help me

my name is Alice and i have a 4 year old daughter name Bella Rosmary(twilight names) and l'm 18 and the dad is Liam Payne but he dosent know it. Bella is really sick and l find Liam's adress and give it to child support to bill the hospital bills to because l can't aford it. What will happen next? BELLA ROSMARY JUST NEEDED HELP!! But what if it becomes more.


7. No

Alice pov

"Thanks," l said into his ears then letting go. she walks in put the liquid in the IV then walking out completly silent but she did say one thing,''Visting hours are over sorry,'' then she left leaving the door open. l walked over to Bella still sitting in Harry's lap. I sit down on the bed and take her hand. "we have to go now sweety l will see you tommorow.'' i said softly to her. "can they all come back mummy? PLEASE!!" "yes of course sweety.'' "Even liam Mummy?'' she ask. "when l am not here.'' "why mummy?" she ask me with sadness. "can Shaggy say?" she ask snugging deppe into Harry."l would love to stay." harry smiled cheekly. "but sweety l thought you wanted mummy to stay on your nights off." l said a bit hurtted. "how about l say another night?" Harry said. "OR CAN DADDY STAY?!" she screamed with excitment. "l wouldn't mind,". Liam said. "No baby l am going to stay with you do night and when we can  trust Liam he can stay with you  ow good bye boys." l said pushing them out the door even harry. We fell asleep with no talking.

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