Help me

my name is Alice and i have a 4 year old daughter name Bella Rosmary(twilight names) and l'm 18 and the dad is Liam Payne but he dosent know it. Bella is really sick and l find Liam's adress and give it to child support to bill the hospital bills to because l can't aford it. What will happen next? BELLA ROSMARY JUST NEEDED HELP!! But what if it becomes more.


5. l felt safe

Liam pov

l hope this little girl really was mine but l don't think Alice wants anything to do with me. She was sitting on my lap telling me all about the little mermaid she watches on her tv during today l think she has that movie memorized. Then Alice walked ohh she was beautiful her blue eyes oh how l melt in them but she just gave me a cold stare.

harry pov

"Look l'm really sorry l thought you were just a crazy fan. please forgive me you just seemed like a fan l am so sorry." l said this l didn't tell the boys but l knew that was the girl form this morning right when we walked in."WHY DIDN'T YOU LET HER SEE ME!' Liam said loooking pissed off and Bella looked scared. He got off the bed and came tours me l saw Bella on the verge of tears l ran on the opposite side of the bed and hold her. she took the hug willingly and l just rock her back and forth. "lt's not his fault l probaly would have done the samething in his position you have no right to be mad at him!" Alice said blocking me from Liam. "get out Liam." she said calmly pointing to the door. "no l want Bella Rosmary," Liam said staying right were he was.

Alice pov

"YOU DIDNT WANT HER FOUR YEARS AGO!!! BUT NOW AFTER I WAS THE ONE WHO GOT KICKED OUT OF MY HOUSE CHANGED THE DIAPPERS, GAVE HER HER MEDICNE, WATCH HER GO INTO HER FIRST ASMA ATTACK,WATCH HER SLIP INTO A COOMA FOR 3 MONTHS, AND WATCH HER GO UNDER SURGERY 5 DIFFERENT TIME YOU FINALLY DECIDE YOU WANT HER!!! WELL TO BAD YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME!!!" l was pissed off tears in my eyes. I was about to jump on top of him but somebody grab my waist, they were not that strong so l manage to get away but another pair of arms grabed me this time even stronger. "shh everything is alright don't worry mummy and Liam are just talking. shh everything alright." harry said soothingly to Bella ohh how l wish he was telling the truth about everything being alright, but his voice made me stop resisting the arms and l just listen to the words like they were made for my ears. The arms let go and l fell to the ground and just sat there and listin to harry then l heard the nurse's son in my ears,"come on love how about we sit on the couch and talk to Liam calmly." he said soothingly. l look up at the couch and l see Liam is on it. l flinch when he looked me in  the eye they were full of sympathy but mine were full of hate and disguse. So l walk over to Bella and Harry and sat on the other side of Bella and put my arms around her. It was kinda akward becuase ended up putting his arm around me. l felt safe for the first time in a while. The last time so one made me feel this way was when me and Lam woke up and l told myself he wouldn't leave me. l felt safe

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