Help me

my name is Alice and i have a 4 year old daughter name Bella Rosmary(twilight names) and l'm 18 and the dad is Liam Payne but he dosent know it. Bella is really sick and l find Liam's adress and give it to child support to bill the hospital bills to because l can't aford it. What will happen next? BELLA ROSMARY JUST NEEDED HELP!! But what if it becomes more.


1. flash back

Alice pov

i woke up curled up to Liam with his arms wrap around me memories of last night feild my head the condom breaking us keep going the drinking and every thing else. lt was my first high school party Liam was 16 l was 14. My friends were saying how he was just get in my pants and break my heart. but while l sat there in the bed with his arm aroound me l felt like he would never do that but l soon found out l was wrong. l woke Liam up and he was smiling he said, 'hey baby' and peck my lips. 'hey l have to go l'll talk to u later bye good luck with x-factor. bye!" l said while leaving.



3 weeks later

Liam have been doing so good in x factor but l'm pregant and l don't know how to tell him my parents are letting me stay home intil l'm sixteen but on my 16 birthday l will be bying a new apartment with my little baby. Liam was at the airport l came to the airport to pick him up.(cab) When i saw him l ran to him I jumped into his arms and he spend me around. He sat me back to the ground and said,"i miss you so mu-" i cut him off. "Liam I AM PREGANT!" 'NO YOU CANT BE I I HAVE TO GO BYE ALICE!" he said while leaving me there. I fell to my knees outside the airport and balled my eyes out. He didnt make it the first time and l was so happy l had Bella Rosmary 9 months later she been sick since shes been one she had a kidney transplane at the age of 2 l was on my own l watch her dad become famous and sucesful and getting so much money and l couldnt aford are daughter l was pissed of course she fell in love with one direction ugh and that nurse Mrs.Tomilison was the one who introduce them to her god why couldnt she fall in love taylor swift are macklemore.


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