Help me

my name is Alice and i have a 4 year old daughter name Bella Rosmary(twilight names) and l'm 18 and the dad is Liam Payne but he dosent know it. Bella is really sick and l find Liam's adress and give it to child support to bill the hospital bills to because l can't aford it. What will happen next? BELLA ROSMARY JUST NEEDED HELP!! But what if it becomes more.


6. comfort

alice pov

Liam tense up when he saw me lay down in haryy's arm l think it's because Harry had his baby girl and me his ex girlfriend in his arms comforting us. "why do you finally want her you could have come any day but you pick today. WHY!" l said with tear running down l found out today Bellla won't make it more than 7 months with out a new kidney and even if she were  to get one the surgery is deadly."l am here now and Bella Rosmary needs a farther role." he said comfortly while siting down on the end of the bed putting his hand on my calf. l got up walk to the far side of the hospital sat in the corner and said,"you don't deserve her.You think you are just going to walk back in here and take don't you but that is not going to happen. She made be your blood but she will never be yours. Can't u just let me live the little time l have left with her and leave me alone." tears came pouring  out of me and him."isn't there anything we can do to save her l mean anything please she looks fine." "it's this rare disease that spreads all through her body. lt is created by the kidney she needs a new kidney but nobody willing to donate has the right one." l was crying. zayn walked over to me and said can l donate one of my kidneys." he now was squat down and rubing my back."we can't except a smoker kidney because she is asmatic. but thanks." l said with sadness but l just wanted Harry or Louis to hold me they were the only ones l trust. but zayn stayed there rubbing circles in my back but he was kinda just scaring me.l think the guys could tell by my facial expresion and one of them said,"leave her alone Zayn l think you are scaring her."it was Louis voice but it was cracky. Zayn walked away. l am not sure why l was scare of Zayn l just was."Somebody needs a horan hug!" the irish guy said while walking over to me it made me giggle. he took me into this big embrace and wouldnt let go and i just stand there hugging him for what was like 5 minutes intil the nurse knocks on the door to give the madicene.

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