The Adventures of Mr.F's Minions

Greetings from outer space! Thanks for joining us here in reading this....journal?diary? This is based on real life... it can be true or false or exaggerated. Most likely exaggerated. (: So join us on our adventurous weird days every once in a while xD

-The 3 Idiotic Minions :3


7. radio?

hello its me again minion x remember me? hello? do you?if you don't than ill be very very sad you know? oh you know whats a weird thing that happened today? u know like in high school we have to learn a new language and the horror language English? yeah what is weird about today is that they both said Justin Bieber <-- ahhh!! boooo!! awww!!! okay whatever your opinion about him doesn't matter with me. So in my second language in school we had to practice what comes after-"Justin bieber's music is bad so...." 

Okay and also in english we had to diagram a sentence! Do you know what that is? You dont? okay let me tell you its a suffering!!! BE GLAD YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS PEOPLE. If u do know what it means than ur not alone T^T we can suffer together ;D ill be ur friend if u be my friend. Oh that reminds me of how i met minion C! Oh well thats a story for another time its not important now.

Uh...where was I? Oh yeah justin bieber sentence diagram. We were suppose to diagram out "The girls,who had been waiting patiently for hours screamed when justin bieber arrived." I dont hate him or like him but that sentence was VERY VERY hard to deal with."

Oh and one direction fans I'm sorry so far the teacher didnt mention any bad stuff bout them yet so stay tuned or somewhat tuned...wait this isnt a radio?Is it?TESTING ONE TWO TESTING ONE TWO.Okay so you can hear this but its a voice in ur head that read this....Does that count as a radio? U know like im writing here and you all can hear this in your mind? 

So is this a radio or not?

IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW WHO WROTE THIS IT IS ME THE GREAT ONE AND ONLY MINION X AHAHAHAHHAHA XD (̲̅ζ(̲̅o̲̅)(̲̅ζ(̲̅ζ(̲̅o̲̅)(̲̅ζ(̲̅ζ(̲̅o̲̅)(̲̅ζ(̲̅ζ(̲̅o̲̅)(̲̅ζ(̲̅ζ(̲̅o̲̅)(̲̅ζ

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