The Adventures of Mr.F's Minions

Greetings from outer space! Thanks for joining us here in reading this....journal?diary? This is based on real life... it can be true or false or exaggerated. Most likely exaggerated. (: So join us on our adventurous weird days every once in a while xD

-The 3 Idiotic Minions :3


2. one of us idiotic minions

HELLO ALL PEOPLE I WILL BRAINWASH YOU ALL SO I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD.(oh by the way the next two chapter will be about the other two) So lets suppose to write about myself here... here a little secret between you and me okay? You know the Mr.F? yeah i am secretly plotting his doom so i can take over the world. Umm...what else...i like the smell of fire and wood for some reason... and no i dont like smoking <-- that is just not cool you know. Most of the time im like chilling on my way home and theres always this random dude in front of me smoking and in my minds like "You what the hell?Stop smoking its bad for you and it stinks like hell man!"
Buttttt since im the "good little girl" i decide to stay polite and just try to over walk him. That is like walking faster and faster and hope for a opening so you can go past that like empty space there. Oh by the way i forgot to introduce really it is not planned like thoese books that plan and say oh i forgot to say my name is blah blah.Okay so back to the topic...what should i name myself umm let me see i want dictator but that sounds a bit weird.OMG! I got it ! I am naming myself Minion X!!! <-- ahahahahha thats a brilliant name dont you think? Well it sounds cool you know how mysterious x sounds like in math its always unknown like DUN DUN DON!!! So yeah i am minion X and please read about by other two minion friends coming up next! (Well they are BUSYYYYY so yeah i had to write first O~O how cold rite?what kind of friends are they?)
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