The Adventures of Mr.F's Minions

Greetings from outer space! Thanks for joining us here in reading this....journal?diary? This is based on real life... it can be true or false or exaggerated. Most likely exaggerated. (: So join us on our adventurous weird days every once in a while xD

-The 3 Idiotic Minions :3


3. okay...

Okay im sorry but its me again Minion X....the other two are getting lazy i will apoligize in place of them.Btw im horrible at english so of there somethin wrong with grammer dont blame me O<O.   oh talking about english I really dont like romeo and juliet. I know it is like famous and stuff cause people like that story but  yeah i dont like it cause i think the ending is just stupid. Oh by the way did you know that if u translate it into modern english shakespear is actually a BIG PERVERT!!

Yeah i know we are reading stories written by a big pervert years ago! Another thing i dont like that is famous is titanic.Okay i just realize by saying this many peole will dislike me for that....okay u didnt read any of that.Wait what am i doing?Oh yeah i remember im keepin u busy while the other minion find out more information about how to brain wash  y'all!!!

OH S*** did i say that out loud? Okay loooooooook at the O's in look u did not read any of that. Okay now repeat after me "I did not read anything" Okay one last time " I did not read anything"

Oh no!! i just realize that if u didnt read anything than u wont remember this and u actually didnt read this book at all.Oh...shoot now the other two minions will kill me. Oh also you are probally wondering right now "Why the hell in the world i would read about your three idiotic minions life when i have enough troubles on my own.

Okay....shoot shouldnt had said that...umm because you are a good person with time?Yeah because you are a good person with time and you passed the O's test yayyyy!!

Okay one last thing before i dissapar into the mist of randomness - please comment below what is going in that mind of yours (so i know how to brainwash you more!) XD....wait did you read that? Nooooo i didnt say that it someone else ahaha....okay comment below if u think this sucks like crap or is awsome like cookies and ice cream.

P.S. i like ice cream!!!

--minion x :3

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