The Adventures of Mr.F's Minions

Greetings from outer space! Thanks for joining us here in reading this....journal?diary? This is based on real life... it can be true or false or exaggerated. Most likely exaggerated. (: So join us on our adventurous weird days every once in a while xD

-The 3 Idiotic Minions :3


6. Just Another Normal Day

So all three of us was at like in one of the rare class that we have together and i caught minion y she yawned in class.It was so rare to see her yawn. I wanted to take a picture of that during class but then my poor phone will go bye bye sad isn't it? Talking about pictures i like taking pictures when people least expects it but i dont like being in ahhahah yeah call me a hypocrite or whatever you want but i will still rule the world one day.

Oh talking about taking over the world one time the teacher asked us if we could meet 3 people from the dead who it will be? And guess what i wrote? Guess im not ganna tell you right away.Yeah im being mean but im so mean that im nice. That makes no sense to me...does that to you? Okay,okay ill tell you what happened. I wrote that I want to meet Julius Ceaser (you know like the salad is name after yeah you get the point), Napoleon and Alexander the great. Do you know what they all have in common? They took over the places and i wrote that is because i can ask them advice on how to take over the world. The teacher was shocked at first that something like that would come out of me but yeah. :3

Okay..lets going back today... okay ill tell you one fun fact about minion z so i was playing around and i took her phone she didnt notice until i asked her where is her phone. But wait listen to this when i took her homework she noticed right away. so weird dont you agree?

Also in today mr.f's class i was trying to write something but the other two complained about how much i wrote. If Mr.F saw this and me about overthrowing him im doomed T^T and also another thing is that i was peer pressured but the two other minion to make teacups. OH THE SUFFERING!!!!


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