Moments In Time

Leah Crown and Kylie Grey are best friends. One Direction, Harry and Niall fall in love with them. What would happen? Will Leah and Kylie survive, with all the hate? Well, read the find out! By the way, this is my first time writing a fanfic. I hope you enjoy and ignore the spelling errors. ^-^


7. The Movies

              Kylie's POV

Me, Leah, and the boys are going to see a movie! Except that I don't know what we're watching. Only the boys know. I hope it's not scary because I will scream my head off. I am not kidding. The last time I watched a scary movie, I scream so loud that my neighbors can hear it. I still have nightmares. Once we arrived, we handed in our tickets and went into the theater. You will never guess what we are going to watch.. The 1D3D movie(A/N- I know it's not out yet but pretend it is)! Omigosh I always had wanted to watch this. Me and Leah squealed in happiness. "I bet you girls had never watch this movie." Liam said. "Nope!" Me and Leah replied in unison. In the middle of the movie, we ran out of food and Niall was practically starving. "PLEASE BUY ME FOOOOOD!! I'M DYING OF HUNGER!!!" Niall screamed, making everyone look at him. "Okay, fine. Just don't starve to death." I told him. The line for popcorn wasn't long. Once I got to the counter, the person behind me made a disgusted look at me. "Weren't you with Niall Horan from One Direction?' she asked snobbishly. "Umm.. Yes?" I said. "Well, you don't deserve him! Why would he date you?! I'm like so prettier than you." I'm glad that I can handle things like this. "Why is Niall dating me instead of you?" I said, smirking. That left the person speechless. 'Lesson learned' I thought. I quickly paid for the popcorn and returned to the theater. "What took you so long?" Niall asked. "It's only been 2 minutes and this person came up to me and said why are you dating me instead of her." I replied. "Did you make a comeback?" "Of course." "Lets go and make another comeback." Niall said. We went out to the food area and I pointed where the person was at. Niall and I walked over there. "OMG IT'S NIALL HORAN! OMG I BEEN LIKE WAITING FOREVER TO MEET YOU!" she shouting. And then she saw me behind Niall. "Ugh, what the hell are you doing here?!" she screamed. Luckily, Niall saw and turned around. He whispered, "Let's go for the comeback." I nodded. We both turned around facing the mean girl(lol, Might as well call her the mean girl). Me and Niall made eye contact and he was biting his lips. We both leaned in and the gap between us was closing. Soon our lips touched. Once we broke away, the mean girl got very jealous and left. "Misson accomplished!" Me and Niall said in unison. We both laughed. "So.. Kylie, will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked. "Of course! You also took my first kiss." I replied happily. We kissed again and went back to the movie. "Well, well, well. isn't the two lovebirds back." Louis said, making our faces red. The movie was over and we all went back to our own flats.



Hope you guys like this long chapter! Sorry for the long wait. My computer was broken so we had to fix it and now it works! I'm sorry if this was bit confusing but oh well. Thanks for the 90+ read! Love you guys, bye! -Brooklyn

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