Moments In Time

Leah Crown and Kylie Grey are best friends. One Direction, Harry and Niall fall in love with them. What would happen? Will Leah and Kylie survive, with all the hate? Well, read the find out! By the way, this is my first time writing a fanfic. I hope you enjoy and ignore the spelling errors. ^-^


2. The Mall

                                                                       Leah's POV

            My bestie, Kylie and I are going to a One Direction concert and we have backstage passes! It always been our dreams to meet 1D, I can't wait! The concert is tommorow at 6:00. "Wait," says Kylie, interupting my thoughts. "What?" I asked annoyed. "We still have to buy our outfits for the concert!" "On yeah!" I said. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Kylie says, a bit too excited.

           When we arrived, we saw a bunch of girls screaming their heads off and surrounding five boys that looked like One Direction. "Is that what I think is it?" I whispered. "Yep" Kylie replied. "Why would One Direction come to our mall?" I wondered to myself. Then I caught Harry Styles staring at me. So, I looked at him, he blushed and looked down at hiis shoes. I also caught Niall staring at Kylie, so I gave a funny look and he turned around.

                                                                         Niall's POV

               I saw the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my whole entire life. The boys caught me staring and asked me what I was looking at. "Nothing." I said quickly blushing. "AWWWW, Niall has a crush!!" Louis said loudly. I gave him this annoyed look and he shut up.

                                                                         Kylie's POV

                I swear that Niall looked at me for a second before the boys talked to him. But, I guess that will never happen again. i sighed. Oh well, who cares..

                                                                        Leah's POV

               I think Harry Styles has crush on me. I'm going to find out if he does or not. My plan is go over there and brush his shoulder against my shoulder so I could see him blush. If he does, this will the best mall day ever! I take a deep breath a walk over there casually like he wasn't famous or anything. Harry stares at me while I walk by. Part one success. Time for part two. I go over there and kisses him on the cheek. Harry blushes, his face looks like a tomato, literally!

                                                                        Harry's POV

               I just saw this girl and I think I already fell for her. It was love a first sight. When she kissed me on the cheek, I blushed. I made a fool of myself because I look like a tomato. But, I still need to find out her name. "Hello love, what is your name?" I asked. "My name is Leah Crown." she replied while smiling. What a beautiful name, I thought. I also wondered if she had a boyfriend or not, but it made me more jealous to think about it. Soon I had enough courage to ask her. "So..erm.. do you have a um.. a boyfriend?" I asked nervously. Leah looked at me like I was crazy. She replied with a simple, "No." Thank goodness.

                                                                      Leah's POV

                I believe Harry Styles asked if I had a boyfriend or not. i should be very happy about it but, on the inside I feel creeped out. "Would you like to out with me?" he asked nervously, while biting his bottom lip. "Oh my god. Yes!" I replied excitedly. "Here is my number and text me your address." Harry said while smiling. After we exchanged numbers, me and Kylie had to go home. "Bye Harry." I said smiling.



     This is my first fanfic ever. I plan on writing some more but I don't know. Well, thanks for reading. And also the new chapters will be updated daily. If you're lucky, I might even post two chapters. :) Thank you for reading my first chapter. Comment down your opinions. -Brooklyn 








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