Moments In Time

Leah Crown and Kylie Grey are best friends. One Direction, Harry and Niall fall in love with them. What would happen? Will Leah and Kylie survive, with all the hate? Well, read the find out! By the way, this is my first time writing a fanfic. I hope you enjoy and ignore the spelling errors. ^-^


3. Getting Ready

     Leah's POV

I can't believe Harry Styles asked me out on a date! Squee! I NEED to tell Kylie about this. She will be so shocked. "Hey Kylie." I said. "Yea?" she replied. "Guess what?" "Hmm.. Harry asked you out." "How in the fricken world do you know?" I said mouth opened wide. "I have my ways." she said smirked. Just then, I got a text from Harry. 

Harry<3: Hey

Leah:D: Hey, what's up?

Harry<3: Nothing much. Are we still going out?

Leah:D: Yea, sure. My address is 67 Misty Road.

Harry<3: Cool, I live near there. I'll pick you up soon.

Leah:D: I'll get ready :)

Harry<3: Byeee

Leah:D: Bye :)

After I got ready, there was a knock on my door. "Coming!" I shouted. I have absolutely no idea where we are going but oh well. Turns out the person who knocked was Kylie. "Kylie? What are you doing here?" "I was lonely and I wanted to say good luck." Kylie said then winked. There was another knock at my door. It was Harry. "Hey, are you ready?" he said in his deep raspy voice. "Yeah. Kylie you can stay here if you want, but I won't be back in like 2 hours or something." I said to Kylie. "Okay, whatever, have fun. Just use protection." she said winking. I felt my face burning up. Looks like Harry's face was red too. "Sorry about her, Harry. She is always embarrasing. " "Oh, It's okay. I'll get used to her." Harry said while smiling. 


Hey guys! Hope you like this chapter :). My next chapter will be the date. I'm also trying not to do so much POVs. Sorry. Bye!

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