Complications (Louis Tomlinson)

Katy's mother was a makeup artist for the hottest celebrities in London. Now Katy is following in her footsteps, hired as the makeup artist for the hit boy band One Direction. But there's a catch - She's not allowed to date any of them. When she started on their tour last year, Katy wasn't... the ripest fruit in the bunch. But a new year brings a new Katy, and new complications.


4. Take Me Home



"Hows about we head back to my flat? It's our last night before touring the UK, don't you wanna relax and watch some movies?" I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my full stomach and watching Niall devour the other half of my sandwich.


"Sure!" Harry offered finally. I pushed my chair back and got to my feet, looking around the table at the boys.


"So, are you coming or not?" They all got to their feet, Niall the last one standing as he shoved the sandwich in his cheek.  I giggled and grabbed his arm, while Zayn and Louis threw some cash on the table and we headed outside. Louis, Zayn and I got back into Louis' car, and this time I sat in the back with Zayn.


"What are we going to watch?" Zayn asked, elbowing me out of my transe. I shrugged.


"Whatever you lads want to see. I can watch movies or whatever while you lot are at signings and such, so It's whatever you want." I shrugged. Zayn stared at me with those piercing chocolate eyes and I felt my stomach flip at his chizzled cheekbones and pouty lips. He definitely was a looker.


"We'll watch two of our picks and two of yours, deal?" He held out a massive hand and I blushed, taking it in mine.


"Deal! Be prepared for some sappy romance." I teased, pulling my hand from his and ending the conversation, humming along to the radio and staring at the streets of London as we headed to my flat. I unbuckled my seatbelt as we pulled into my lot, and Zayn did the same, opening the door for me.


"Thanks, Zayn." I grinned at him. As I passed Louis, there was a silent argument going on between the pair. What was this about?


"Katy!" Harry called out, and jogging up to me. We linked arms as he escorted me inside. "So, what really was happening between you and Louis in the car? I mean, the windows were pretty dim, but what little I could see, it looked like you were-"


"We weren't kissing, I know that's what you were going to say. We're honestly just friends. I think if any of you fancy me now, it's because of how I look. And that's not true love, so I'm not getting into anything." I promised, bumping hips with him as we took the lift up to my floor.


"But I'd be the first to know, right?" Harry asked, looking at me expectantly as the lift doors opened and we walked down the hall to my room. There were shouts from the stairs and Niall burst through the door, Louis hot on his heels and Liam and Zayn behind them. They were so cute, racing up the stairs like little boys.


"Right. Now let's do this poo!"




I rolled out from Niall's outstretched arm around the back of the couch and tried to slip off the couch without moving Louis too much. He flinched in his sleep and I stopped short, one leg standing on the ground and the other inches from his let on teh couch. Louis settled down again, and I pulled myself the rest of the way off the couch.


I untangled my legs from the blanket and tucked it around Niall, whose skin was cold to the touch. Louis on the other hand was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt AND a scarf, so I figured he'd survive without. As I passed Liam and Zayn curled up on the other couch, I tucked the blanket they were sharing closer around them, and then did the same to Harry in teh arm chair. I glanced back over at Louis, who was shivvering slightly. I'd feel bad leaving him like that. I pulled another blanket out of the pillows and blankets basket next to the TV and wrapped a blanket around him.


Louis was so sweet in his sleep. His angular face and shadow of stubble seemed less airbrushed and rustled, and more sweet and messy, like he'd clean up in the morning. I tucked the blanket up around his neck and around his arms, and then adjusted the pillow behind his head. There was a loud breath behind me and I turned around, seeing Harry flipping around, his head beaded with sweat.


I moved towards him quietly, the poor baby was having a nightmare. I pressed Harry's arms down on the couch to keep him from moving around too much, and then quietly breathed "Shhhh," over and over in his ear, gently rubbing his arm. When he had calmed down, still asleep, I tucked him back in. I dried his forehead with the back of my sleeve, and then smoothed his hair back from his head. Suddenly, something grabbed my wrist. I let out a loud gasp, and a hand pressed down over my mouth. I was pulled back to someone's chest harshly.


I tried to struggle out of their grasp, but they were far too strong. I began to panic. What if I was being kidnapped? What if I was murdered? And all with the boys just feet away, fast asleep. The man pulled me out into the hall, and suddenly I was being spun around and my back was pinned to the wall. I quickly opened my eyes and was surprised by what I saw.


"...Louis?" I choked out. Louis chuckled and ran a hand through his hair.


"It was really sweet the way you calmed Harry down. You'll make a great mum one day." Louis breathed, his breath hot on my lips. I let out a shakey breath.


"He's like my little brother, I hated seeing him like that." I shrugged, my shoulders brushing against Louis' as I did.


"Good." He replied.




"As long as he's not my competition." Louis joked, a smirk playing at his lips. I smiled gently.




"So if I were to kiss you right now, you wouldn't stop me, would you?" Louis asked. I shrugged again. This time when our shoulders brushed together, sparks flowed up and down my arms.


"You're just going to have to find out for yourself."


And then Louis' lips were on mine, kissing me ferociously. I'd never been properly kissed before. I'd had a first kiss when I was thirteen, but since then... and now this was happening. Louis' lips were warm and hungry, and my lips were tingling as my fingers grazed through the hair on the back of his neck. I felt goosebumps pop up on his skin, one hand on my waist and the other pressed up against the wall. He wrapped both arms around my waist, his lips still on mine, and he started backing us towards my bedroom. Oh, god. This was the first time we kissed, and even if he felt the way I was feeling, it was all happening a little too quickly.


But I didn't stop him. We backed up, Louis' spinning me around and pressing my back up against my bedroom door. One hand moved from my waist and grabbed the door knob, pushing the door open. And then he pulled away, pecking the tip of my nose.


"Night, Kitty Kat." He smirked, and backed out of the room as he pushed the door closed.

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