Complications (Louis Tomlinson)

Katy's mother was a makeup artist for the hottest celebrities in London. Now Katy is following in her footsteps, hired as the makeup artist for the hit boy band One Direction. But there's a catch - She's not allowed to date any of them. When she started on their tour last year, Katy wasn't... the ripest fruit in the bunch. But a new year brings a new Katy, and new complications.


7. Harry Finds Out



I jolted awake, hearing the robotic noise of a key card being slid through my door handle. The door swung open and light flooded into the room. I burried my head into my pillow and kept one eye open. Shit, shit, shit, I was minutes away from being murdered. Again.


The door closed and I was cloaked in darkness. Now, even if I survived, I wouldn't be able to identify my killer. Fucking awesome. The other side of the bed sunk down and my heart beat picked up, going eighty kilometers per second. Somebody was climbing across the bed, leaning their weight on their hands on either side of my body. I tensed up. This was it.


"Kitty Kat, I know you're awake." A familiar sexy British accent teased. I was going to kill this boy. I grabbed my pillow and smacked Louis across the head with it as hard as I could.


"Jesus Fucking Christ, Louis Tomlinson!" I whisper shouted, beating him over and over again with my pillow as I flicked the light on. Louis was cowering in the corner, his hair a mess and still in his pajamas. I hit him again for good measure and then chucked the pillow onto the bed again.


"Calm down!" Louis teased, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. I swatted his hands and stormed to the bed, burrying my face in the pillow and listing off tonnes of swear words. "You know you like waking up to me." He teased again. Louis climbed onto my bed and grabbed my sides, flipping me over. I crossed my arms and pouted at him.


"You look cute with your makeup all over your face. Very prostitute-esc." Louis smirked, and I couldn't help but giggle. Trying to be mad at him was harder than I expected.


"And you look cute with your hair all messed up. Very I-Just-Had-Sex-esc." I retorted. Louis' brows shot up his forehead and he leaned a little closer to me, his breath hitting me in the face.


"I haven't had sex yet, but I can't make any garuntees. I like authentic sex hair better." Louis lips brushed over my cheek and I flinched. I turned Louis' face so he was facing mine and leaned up slowly. Louis' eyelids fluttered shut, and then...


I smacked him across the face with my pillow again.


"Nice try, hot shot." I giggled. There was a noise in the next room over and Louis pressed his hand over my mouth, reaching the other out to flick the lamp off. Then footsteps moving around, and the sound of a door opening. Louis breath was hot on my cheek as he muttered, "Who's in there?"


"Harry." I breathed. Louis snorted and I hit his chest, making a hollow noise. Again, I heard the mechanical click as my door was unlocked, and then light filled up the doorway. I squeezed my eyes shut and pretended I was asleep.


"Katy?" Harry's familiar morning voice met my ears, and then a large hand was shaking me awake. I kept my eyes closed for a second and then fluttered them open, meeting Harry's emerald eyes. He flicked the bedside lamp on and my stomach clenched. Louis and I were caught.


"I was just checking you weren't getting murdered or something, I heard noises." Harry said. I glanced casually around the room and shook my head. Where the fuck was Louis.


"Um, no. I wasn't, actually. Just me, alone, sleeping." I rattled on. Harry looked at me, and I knew he was a bit suspicious, but nobody was here. He shrugged and pulled my messy sheets back over me, pressing his lips to my hairline.


"Well, I'll tuck you in and be on my way. Sleep tight, Katy." Harry said. He started towards the door and then turned around again. "Mind if I use your toilet?" I shook my head and rested my head on the pillow, letting out a sigh of relief. Too soon, apparently.


"Holy!" Harry shouted. I heard a clatter and Harry fell out the bathroom door, slamming into the floor. I leapt out of bed and rushed over, kneeling at his side. There was a chuckling Louis sitting in the shower, his hand pressed over his mouth.


"Why did you let him in the bathroom!" Louis whisper shouted at me. I shrugged and helped Harry to his feet, who was looking between Louis and I with shifty eyes. I audibly swallowed, backing away a step or two.


"So you weren't alone in here, eh Katy? I knew you were lying." Harry said, his eyebrows raised. I bit my lip and looked at my toes.


"It's not like we were going at it, Harry. I was sitting in her shower." Louis smirked and held back a laugh. I let out a giggle and Harry's eyebrows creeped even farther up his forehead.


"Right, well, I'm off to bed. I'll keep your little secret, but don't drag me into it." Harry said, pulling the door shut behind him. There was a pause and then Louis and I fell about laughing.


"What the hell were you doing in the shower?" I managed through my silent laughter, falling back onto my bed. Louis plopped down next to me.


"Hiding!" He laughed, squeezing my knee so I laughed even harder.


"And you didn't think to close the curtain?" I raised my eyebrows at him. Louis shrugged and then started laughing again.


"Damn Harry for caring enough to come make sure I was alive still." I ran my fingers through my hair and leaned my head on Louis' shoulder.


"I guess this means we should be more careful." Louis said after a moment. I nodded slowly, thinking about how complicated things were getting. I was in the middle of two hidden relationships, and to think it was just silly old me who decided fat wasn't an option anymore, and now I actually had boys chasing after me.


"Well, Harry's already found out, so we don't exactly have anyone to hide it from tonight. YOLO." Louis said, running his fingers up and down my spine and brushing his lips over my shoulder. I snorted.


"Saying YOLO almost makes me not want to kiss you. But then again, you're fucking hot. So YOLO." I replied, turning so my lips met his.

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