Complications (Louis Tomlinson)

Katy's mother was a makeup artist for the hottest celebrities in London. Now Katy is following in her footsteps, hired as the makeup artist for the hit boy band One Direction. But there's a catch - She's not allowed to date any of them. When she started on their tour last year, Katy wasn't... the ripest fruit in the bunch. But a new year brings a new Katy, and new complications.


3. Drive Me Crazy


"I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my car again." Katy sang along, moving her head back and forth with her headphones plugged in her ears. I chuckled and tugged one of the headphone out.


"Wrong." I poked her side and she swatted my hand away, pulling out her other headphone.


"Wrong?" She raised an eyebrow and looked at me with so much sass on her face that it was hard to believe she was the same Katy as before.


"The words you sang, they're wrong." I replied simply, unplugging the headphones and starting the song over. "I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan." I sang along, emphasising the word cardigan. "Not car again. How would Miley Cyrus get her car on a plane?" I teased. Katy shrugged.


"She's Miley Cyrus, she can do anything." Katy shrugged, skipping to a different song. The beggining notes of You Don't Know You're Beautiful started, and Katy's cheeks went bright red. "Sorry, I can change it. I'm sure you're sick of this by now-" She ranted, but I cut her off by singing along with Liam, my voice mingling with his. Katy laughed and tried to pull her arms away as I tried to pull her to her feet.


"Louis, no!" Katy squealed, but I just laughed as I sang and pulled her up, pulling her to my chest and spinning us around and around, dancing to the beat.


"Come on, live for the moment, because-" I started, and Katy joined me as I said, "Everything else is uncertain."


"Ha, ha, I know, Louis. But this isn't exactly a slow dancing song." Katy retorted, kicking off her TOMs and wrapping her arms hesitantly around my neck. "So this is what it feels like not to have a huge stomach between us." She mumbled. I pinched her back and sang along. It sort of stung every time Katy made harsh comments about her old body. She just didn't understand that it wasn't the outside that defined her.


The music slowed down, finally, and we danced through that song.


"It's nice having you back, Katy. I can't wait for tour to start, we'll get to see you everyday!" I said sarcastically, but I was being sincere. Katy got the memo, though, and shrugged.


"You'll get sick of me pretty quick, I can guaruntee it." She smiled, pinching my cheek. I swatted her hand away and laughed, staring into her dark green eyes.


"I can guaruntee that I won't get sick of you, Katy." My voice sounded very serious, and normally I would have laughed or made a joke to turn the conversation around, but some part of me was urging me to kiss her, to just lean down and feel what it would be like to kiss Katy.


"I'm not so sure. I'm a lot less fun when I'm not eating all the time." She teased, and I slapped myself mentally. And the moment was gone.


My phone started ringing off the chain, and I sighed and grabbed it off of my hotel bed. "Ello?"


"It's Harry. We're going out to dinner in about twenty minutes, so get changed." Harry said quickly.


"You're literally one room over, and you had to call?" I raised my eyebrows, rolling my eyes at Katy. She laughed and there was a pause on the other end of the phone.


"Katy's over there?" Harry's smirk was audible. I blushed and shrugged.


"Yeah? She can come, right?" I asked quickly. Harry laughed.


"Definitely. Get ready, and make sure you're clothed when we come by." Harry teased. I slammed my thumb into the end button and threw the phone onto my matress.


"Dinner in twenty! Go get changed!" I ushered a confused Katy out of the room, closing the door behind her. "I'll come get you on our way out!"






Louis, Zayn and I loaded into Louis' car and headed off to the restaurant, singing along to the radio and dancing so the car shook at the stop lights. We pulled up outfront of a small joint with italian food, and Zayn was out of the car in seconds.


"That boy." I laughed, and Louis laughed too. Something touched my knee, and I looked down and saw Louis' hand resting on my leg. I blushed a little and looked up, seeing Louis' eyes staring at me, his gaze intent on my eyes.


"You really do look amazing, Katy." Louis said, his voice husky and deep.


"So I've been told." I replied quietly, cursing myself for trying to laugh off this emotional moment. Louis rolled his eyes and suddenly he was leaning towards me, and my eyes were fluttering closed, and our upper lips were touching, and then-


Someone banged on the side window, and Harry's voice yelled out at us to get our asses inside, the food was getting cold. I jumped away from Louis and smacked my head on the window, rubbing my forehead.


"Damnit." Louis muttered, running a hand through his hair. He avoided my eyes and got out of the car. I followed suit and he lead the way inside, holding the door for me but not actually looking at me.


"What was taking you two so long?" Liam asked, disapproving. Harry mumbled something and Niall laughed, Zayn looked troubled, and Liam still looked... disapproving.


"We wanted to hear the end of the song, that's all." Louis said simply, taking a bite of his sandwich.


"With the car off?" Harry raised his eyebrows, and I stared down at my sandiwich, picking off the burnt edges.


"He was showing me a song he got on his phone. Calm down." I snapped, cutting my sandwich with a fork and knife. Niall laughed and kicked me under the table, his way of apologizing for beind annoying. I smiled at him over the table and kicked him back.

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