Complications (Louis Tomlinson)

Katy's mother was a makeup artist for the hottest celebrities in London. Now Katy is following in her footsteps, hired as the makeup artist for the hit boy band One Direction. But there's a catch - She's not allowed to date any of them. When she started on their tour last year, Katy wasn't... the ripest fruit in the bunch. But a new year brings a new Katy, and new complications.


5. Cloud Nine



I kicked my legs up and rested them on Niall's legs, my thighs noticably toned through my grey leggings. I looked adorably casual in my leggings, fitted shirt, and my dad's old cardigan from before he passed. My feet were covered in some fuzzy socks and my half-calf grey UGGs.


"God fish." Niall sighed, running a hand over his face. I yawned and snatched a card off of the pile on Niall's crotch. Another damn nine. I giggled inwardly at the way Niall flinched every time I grabbed a card. I'm sure he wouldn't have reacted the same way if I hadn't lost all this weight.


"Got any nines?" Niall glanced up at me, fingering a card in his hand. I growled and flicked the nine at him, sending Niall into a fit of tired laughter. I smacked the back of his head and threw the cards down on his lap, swinging my feet onto the ground and walking in circles to stretch my legs.


"Done with that game yet?" Louis asked, matching my pace and walking in circles next to me. I shrugged. Louis rolled his eyes and brushed his hand against my leg.


"So are we not going to talk about what happened?" I stopped walking, turning on my heel. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at Louis, his eyes flitting away from mine before he smirked.


"Nope." He popped the "p" and turned on his heel, walking over to a half-asleep Harry waiting in one of the chairs. We were still waiting at the airport after our flight to the other side of teh country got delayed. Zayn and Liam were out cold, their heads resting on each other's shoulders. Harry and Louis were now chatting, Harry's sentences confused and choppy, Louis wide awake. In the few minutes I had been up, Niall had slipped into the daze-like state where you start to fall asleep and then jolt awake over and over.


"Louisssss." I whined, dragging myself over to him. He raised his eyebrows at me, pretending like he and Harry were having a real conversation. "Hush, go to sleep, Hazzy. We'll wake you when we leave." I cooed, stroking Harry's hair. He mumbled something and slowly fell into a deep sleep. When he started to snore, I flopped down in the chair next to Louis and crossed my legs.


"We don't have to talk about it, but I want to talk to someone so I can sleep on the plane. So what do you want to do?" I stretched my arms over my head and leaned back, my shoulder brushing against Louis'. And suddenly I was flashing back to last night, his lips on mine, his hands on my waist-


"Coffee?" Louis was on his feet, holding a hand out to me. I nodded and he pulled me up. Instead of letting go, Louis' linked his arm through mine and lead me past Paul and the rest of security, over to a Starbucks joint about thirty meters away.


"I'll take a grande white chocolate mocha with caramel, and a grande skinny soy vanilla latte for her." Louis said. He gave the speechless teenage girl our names, though I doubt she needed to be reminded, and scanned his credit card before leading me to the waiting table in the corner.


"Thanks for ordering, that sounds nice." I finally said. Louis shrugged, his shoulders slumped and his under eyes dark. He was so tired, so dazed. I just wanted to reach over and tuck him into bed, put warm socks on his feet and sing him to sleep. But that would be creepy, and I needed to stop being such a mum.


"Louis and Katy!" The woman behind the counter shouted, sliding our drinks towards us. I grabbed mine and took a huge gulp, the coffee burning my throat. Louis did the same and then slumped into a booth table. He ducked his head, a pack of girls walking past, looking for us. Fans were everywhere.


"Let's go back, you can take a nap before we get on the plane." I said, patting Louis' arm. He shook his head, his eyes panicked.


"No, I want to spend time with you away from the boys." He insisted, looking up at me with sad eyes. I sighed and made a face at him. Instead of making a face back like Louis would, he brushed his hand over mine and then slipped our fingers together. He was holding my hand. In public. I looked away, taking another drink of my coffee. I watched the buliton board, the words flashing across the screen. Something about our flight arriving appeared, and I looked ruefully at Louis.


"Lou? The flight's here, we need to go." I spoke quietly. Louis nodded and got to his feet, holding his drink in one hand and my hand in the other. I grabbed my drink and Louis and I walked hand-in-hand to the terminal, where Paul and Liam were shaking the other boys awake.


"There you two are. We were worried you wouldn't see the board." Liam said, glancing down at our hands but not faultering. Louis dropped my hand and grabbed his carry-on, and I did the same. This just got awkward. Clearly this was not something for the boys to know about.


We all stayed silent, loading on to the plane with the other passengers and finding our seats. I found my seat, glancing between the chairs and my ticket, until I found 23C and scooted into the window seat. Not a moment later, Niall and Louis appeared. Niall moved into the middle seat and Louis took the isle, glancing at me before pulling his hood over his head. Niall somehow unfolded a giant ass fuzzy blanket and spread it over the two of us. I giggled and curled up in his side. Before I died my hair, you would have thought Niall and I were related.




The loud speaker came on, announcing our decent. I shook Niall awake and helped him fold up the blanket and stuff it in his bag. He smiled tiredly at me and cuddled up next to me, waiting for the plane to land. I glanced at Louis to see if he was awake or not, and when I did I saw the jealousy flash behind his eyes at Niall's arm wrapped around my shoulders.


"We hope you enjoyed your flight today, we've just landed in Japan."

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