Complications (Louis Tomlinson)

Katy's mother was a makeup artist for the hottest celebrities in London. Now Katy is following in her footsteps, hired as the makeup artist for the hit boy band One Direction. But there's a catch - She's not allowed to date any of them. When she started on their tour last year, Katy wasn't... the ripest fruit in the bunch. But a new year brings a new Katy, and new complications.


1. Back on Tour



I rolled my shoulders back and checked myself out in the mirror. Yes, checked myself out. Not just looked at my reflection, tummy rolls and pale skin taunting me. This time, I questioned my sexuality when I looked at myself, that's how hot I was.


Two years after starting out as One Direction's makeup artist when they were formed, when I weighed 91 kilos and had pale skin and blonde hair, and here I was, brown hair, tan skin, and a lot less of me. I had lost 45 kilos over the past three months since the boys' last performance, after strict dieting and working out and numerous ice baths.


I couldn't wait for the boys to see me now. None of them had ever commented on my weight, and I knew none of them had said anything behind my back either, but they were all thinking it. I was fat, disgusting, like an unbaked bread roll. But now... My thighs didn't touch and my arms and tummy were toned, my hair was ten shades darker with honey highlights from the sun, and tanned from my vacation in the Bahamas, the ultimate temptation to eat and eat, and instead I had lost and lost.


My phone rang out and I grabbed it up, pressing it to my ear. "Ello, Katy Faucet." I pulled my bag over my shoulder and tugged on my shorts, which I had gotten two weeks ago and were almost a size too big now.


"Katy! You're on your way?" Lou's voice rang out. I held the phone a little farther from my ear and pulled on my strappy sandals.


"Left already! Be there soon." I hung up before Lou could realise she had called me on my home line. In seconds I was out the door, a banana hanging from my hand and my purse across my chest. I jumped into my Range Rover, a birthday gift from the boys last year. Then, it had been hard to step up the half meter into the car, now, I hopped in easily, no thigh rubbing required.


I blared the radio, listening to Grimmy as I tapped my fingers against the wheel and steered my way to the Syco building, where the boys were getting ready and then heading to the arena for their first performance of 2013. I rounded one last corner, and there it was, towering over me like a mountain.


"I'm here!" I sang, as soon as the lift doors had opened and I found myself on the fourth floor. I slapped a hand over my mouth when I realised nobody was there. Awkwardly talking to myself. Nobody was in sight at all, in fact. All the lights were off and the doors were closed, and I sort of felt like I was about to get murdered.


"Ello? Anybody there?" I called, clutching my purse and praying my pepper spray was still there. I tip-toed down the hall and turned the first door knob, the door that lead to the studio where Lou and I did the boys' makeup. I sucked in a breath and pushed the door open, and suddenly,


"SURPRISE!" A huge mass of people jumped to their feet, the lights flicking on and confetti flying everywhere. I jumped back and slammed into the wall, clutching my heart.


"Who the hell are you?" Niall's face was confused, his voice flat. He didn't recognize me. At all. In one way it hurt that someone I had spent so much time with and loved to death didn't recognize me. But at the same time... maybe it was sort of like a whole new start.


"It's me, Katy. I guess you guys noticed I've lost some weight and changed my hair, eh?" I smiled nervously. There was a dead silent pause, and then Louis walked forward. He had definitely gotten more attractive in the past four months, if that was possible.


Louis stood about a foot away from me, looking at my face and my body and my hands, and then he just stared into my eyes for a second. Then he nodded. "Katy, you look amazing!" A grin spread across his face and Louis grabbed me up in a tight hug, his arms like a vice around my waist. I giggled and hugged him back.


"Thanks, Lou! I missed you all so much! But I couldn't have done it unless I knew you guys were going to love me so much more when I wasn't... a chunk of lard." I laughed in his ear. Louis let go of me and waggled a finger in my face, in a joking manor, but his face was still serious.


"You will always be gorgeous, no matter what you weigh or how you look." Louis reprimanded me. I snorted and waved him off, hugging the rest of the boys and Lou and Paul.


"I can't believe you all remembered my birthday's tomorrow!" Niall laughed, his arm still wrapped around my shoulder after we had hugged.


"Why would we forget?" Harry teased, poking me in the stomach. This time, I didn't recoil and try to imagine how gross his hand felt after.


"Why would you remember?" I contradicted, poking him in the stomach and sliding out from Niall's arm. "Now let's get to it! I have five heads of hair to style and five faces to powder. Go, go, go, go, go!" I chanted, clapping my hands together. Everyone laughed and the boys flopped down into their chairs, while Paul and some other crew hands headed out and a janitor got to sweeping the floors.


After joking around with Niall and Harry while I did their hair, Lou and I switched, her doing their makeup while I did Louis, Liam, and Zayn's hair. "You really do look amazing, love." Liam said. I blushed and slapped his face lightly before going back to gelling his short hair.


"Thanks, you all are making me embarrased." I bit my lip and blew Liam a kiss before turning to Zayn and squirting some gel into my palm. I ran my fingers through his hair and I felt Zayn flinch.


"There's nothing to be embarrased about! You're hot! Sorry we didn't recognize you, though." Zayn chuckled while I quiffed his hair up. There was a noise behind me and the sound of Liam, Harry, and Niall laughing like idiots filled my ear.


"I recognized her!" Louis pointed out, leaning against Zayn's chair and waiting for me to do his hair. "Sort of." I laughed and shoved Zayn out of the chair, patting it for Louis to sit down.


"Exactly, sort of. It's okay, it's kind of reassuring that I look totally different. I hated the way I looked before." I ran my fingers through Louis' hair, loosening it up before I gelled it.


"You've always been beautiful, Katy. Stop putting yourself down." Louis scolded, his eyes twinkling as he looked up at me. I shrugged and squirted some gel in my palm.


"Shut up, Louis." 

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