Our Secrets

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead. -
Benjamin Franklin


1. A Secret


Who am I? I'll never tell! 

You may not like me, but know me well

You whisper me to all your friends,

Lies, betrayal, never ends

I know people young and old, That I cause pain for when I'm told

Passing me along the halls,

Up the staircase, through the walls

I build trust for the good and pure,

I break it down for the gossips and unsure

make my away across the class,

To bring bad news, and tears, alas

My cousin, Rumour, does his bit

But without me he would not fit

I'm quite precious, destructive too

I know your friend and I know you

But who am I? The truth shall reap

For what I am is what I keep.

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