Make me feel special

Anna,15, lives in a care home when her friends invite her to go to see one direction with VIP tickets. When they meet them Nialls glued to her he make her feel special but would they get together?


1. Chapter 1

"Why can't anyone leave me alone in this place!" I screamed at Liz.

By the way my names Anna and I'm 15. Oh and Liz she's one of the care workers here. She's the one no one likes like Elaine the pain from Tracy beaker. As you probably guessed I live in a care home as my mum died when I was little and only until last year I got badly abused by my dad. Ohh and another thing about me I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! I have millions of posters on my wall and everything I have is one direction.

"I'm only trying to help you!" Liz shouted.
Meh the worst thing about this place is there is no privacy and no freedom. You see I'm ment to go to see one direction with rose and Charlie my two best friends, oh and I forgot to mention they were VIP TICKETS and the stupid Liz decided to say I couldn't go!
*knock knock knock*
"What!" I frustratingly shouted
"Can I come in." A voice said sounding scared, from the cute little voice I could tell it was Hope the youngest here she was only 7 and has experienced a lot as her parents got shot by an angry uuncle. She knew when I was upset and was always there when I needed someone to talk too. I know she's only little but she gives the best hugs and she always spoke to me when she wasn't feeling right.

She opened the door and came in and ran to me and gave me a hug, when we came out of the hug she pulled up my sleeves to check if I had any more 'scratches' you see I self harm and I have many scars on my wrists, I guess that's why they're always on my back. Hope smiled and hugged me.
'Im happy you haven't scratched yourself after all of this."
"Me too" I replied, she always makes me feel better.
"I heard Liz and duke talking and they say they will let you go to see one direction as long as you call them every now and then!" She said, did I mention she was a very good eaves dropper.
"Hello" I heard Liz's snobby little voice in the doorway. I gave her the death glare. And then she carried on:
"I'm sorry for not trusting you and you can go to the concert BUT you have to call us during breaks and any time you can."
I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever this was the only time I've been happy with what she had done!
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