Forever Silent

This poem is more of a story in all honesty. I tried to put a lot of thought into it and this is for the Silence & Secrets competition so...yeah. Hope you guys enjoy it.


1. Forever Silent

Every day he is there,

Always at the same time.

Sat at a table,

Just sat there on his own.


His expression is,

One that is rather difficult to read.

His eyes do not give away anything,

Nor does his appearance.


He seems so strange,

To so many that surround him.

Because he rarely talks,

Unless it is absolutely necessary.


Some do believe,

That he is immersed in his own world.

Whilst others believe that,

He is simply shy.


But no one bothers to ask,

The simplest questions.

Ones such as 'who are you?'

Or, 'where are you from?'


They just leave him be,

And he seems to prefer it this way.

Because if someone were to talk to him,

He would not know what to say.


There was once a time,

When he would talk all the time.

He was the most sociable man,

That you could ever meet.


But something happened to him,

Something that changed his life.

Something that he has kept,

To himself for many, many years.


You see, one day he was talking,

To one of his closest friends.

Someone he though could be trusted,

But oh how foolish he had been.


He had told her,

His deepest, darkest fears.

And his hopes and dreams,

Not to mention the ideas that would form in his mind.


And then he was betrayed,

By this girl he thought he could trust.

She told everyone he knew,

And spread many lies.


He wished that they had never met,

Or that he had kept his secrets to himself.

And so, to avoid this betrayal from happening again,

He made a drastic change.


He exiled himself from all those he knew,

And moved to this town so far away.

Refusing to grow close to anyone,

Still trying to numb his pain.


Every day he is there,

Always at the same time.

Just sat there,

Forever silent...

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