Valentine's Day and a Broken Heart

A short One Direction love story for the Valentines Day with 1D contest. What if you had been dating someone and found out that it was a dare. That it never meant anything. That they never actually cared. They gave you fake emotions but you showed them real feelings. Well meet Sapphire's who has and on Valentines day. What happens when she runs out of the house and to a little cafe where she meets a boy. What happens? Who is it? Why don't you read and find out.


1. Broken Heart

Sapphire's POV


"Are you alright?" asked a boy who looked like he was 19.


"Yes." I said as I wiped a stray tear.


"Are you sure? You look like crap." he said.


"Well thanks." I scuffed as I got up and walked out the door of the cafe. It was still pouring the rain and now I was soaked even more then before. I headed towards my apartment which was a hour away. This is going to be fun.


"Hey are you really walking in this rain?" asked the same guy from his car.


"It's the only way I have to get home." I stated and kept walking.


"Can I atleast give you a ride?" he asked.


"You said I looked like crap. Why would I get in a car with you?" I asked.


"Because that was stupid and I'm sorry. You just looked really upset." He paused. "Please let me drive you home."


"Fine." I said walking around the car to the passenger side.


"My name's Zayn by the way." he said.


"Sapphire just drive that way till the next light then turn left." I told him. He had the radio on and Little Things by One Direction played. "Do you mind?" I asked as I turned it up.


"Nope." he said.


I listened to the sweet song that brought back the days events.




"Don't you get it? He never loved you. Why would he?" sneered Michelle. "It was just a dare."


"No that's not true. Cody please tell me it wasn't just a dare. That you actually loved me?" I softly spoke as tears threatened to spill.


"It is. It was all a dare. I never loved you. Why would I?" Cody smiled evily. "Then again if yo...."  I didn't stay to hear him finish. I ran out tears streaming down my face and into the pouring rain. The rain soaked my clothes as my salty tears mixed with the rain drops. I kept running unsure where I was heading untill I tripped and fell into a puddle that left my white dress splashed brown. I stood up to see "The Weeping Willow Cafe" my favorite cafe. I went in and ordered some of there peppermint hot chocolate. I sat in the same booth I always did when I went there and thought about what had happened as I stared out the window watching the rain. I didn't even realize someone was talking to me untill I saw his reflection in the window and his lips moving.


***End Flashback***


Zayn's POV


"Hey. Don't cry. Please don't cry." I pleaded wiping away the falling tears.


"Sorry." she whispered pushing my hand away and doing it herself.


"First I can't get you home the way is blocked so where do I need take you?" I asked.


"I don't know." she stated. "I guess you could take me back to the cafe."


"Okay." I said confused. "Second why have you been crying.?"


"I don't want to talk about it." she said.


"Okay. One more question. Where's your boyfriend?" I asked. She just looked at me. "Well your so beautiful there's no way someone like you should be alone on Valentines Day." I don't know what I said but she started sobbing. "I'm sorry. What did I say wrong."


"'s just that....mmy" She sobbed out. Why would someone do that to such a beautiful girl and of all days today. Valentine's Day.


"I'm sorry. Isn't there someplace else I can take you other then the cafe?" I asked. She just shooked her head no. Then I got an idea and put in our Take Me Home CD. "Do you trust me enough to let me take you somewhere other then the coffee shop?" She just nodded and off we went.


Saphhire's POV


We started driving and I just listened to the CD. With each song that passed my tears began to subside. I don't know why but One Direction has always been able to change my mood to a happy one no matter what. I don't know why but I changed the song to one of my favorites "Summer Love" and started to sing. By the end of the song we had pulled up infront of a huge house.


"Wow. Who lives here?" I asked curiously.


"I do with my four best friends. Come on." Zayn replied smiling. We got out and went in. "Hey I'm home." he yelled but was meet with silence.


"I don't think anyone's home." I said as he looked at a note on a nearby table.


"The guy's went out so it's just us two. Why don't we get you into some dry clothes." he said.


"I would like that." I stated truthfuly these wet clothes are killing me.


"Okay then this way." he said leading me to what I'm assuming was his room. "There's a bathroom there and then you can wear this and I'll wash your clothes." He handed me a shirt and a pair of sweat pants."I'll be downstairs if you need me. When your down we'll watch a movie."


"Sounds good." I told him as I headed for the bathroom.


I walked back into his room when I was finished and walked down stairs as the door bell rang.


"Hey I ordered pizza hope your hungry." Zayn said as he went to answer the door.


"Okay." I said as Zayn got the pizza and we went to the living room.


"So I thought we could watch Grease." he said.


"I love that movie." I said smiling. We sat on opposite ends of the couch with the box of pizza in between us.


Zayn's POV


The movie had just finished when I looked over to see Sapphire had fallen asleep. I carefully picked her up and carried her to my room where I gently laid her on the bed and covered her up. I went back down stairs threw out the pizza box and then went to crash on the couch.


"Get up." said an Irish accent. I just rolled over and fell off the couch.


"Good Morning." Liam said.


"Why'ld you sleep on the couch." Louis asked.


"Because that's where I fell asleep." I told him. "Who wants pancakes?"


"Me" Niall said. I headed for the kitchen and started making pancakes.


"Hey where did you go last night?" Harry asked.


"I we.." I began but was interupted by Harry.

"And who do we have here?" he asked. I turned to see Sapphire standing in the door way in just my shirt and her raven black hair in a mess.


"Good Morning beautiful." I told her which made her blush. "You want some pancakes?" She just nodded and smiled as I handed her a plate.


"Ooohhh Zayn's got a girlfriend, Zayn's got a girlfriend." Louis sang.


"She's not my girlfriend." I told him.


"You sound diappointed." Sapphire pointed out curiously. "Now why would that be?"


Sapphire's POV


"Maybe because of your amazing voice, your personality."Zayn said walking over to me while I looked at the ground. "Your beautiful face and the matter of fact you deserve better then what you had." He said lifting my chin and sitting down a cup of coffee.


"Did I tell you thanks for helping me yesterday?" I asked taking a drink of coffee


"No but can I ask you something?" She just looked from me to the lads.


"Are you alright." Liam (I think) asked worried.


"I think. Zayn what's your last name?" I asked.


"Malik. Why?" He answered and a smile spread across my face.


"You're One Direction." I said happily.


"That we are." Harry said.


"So.... will you go out with me?" Zayn asked.


"I'd like that." I answered and that was a start to a beautiful relationship that ended in marriage.

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