Barricade: Change

It's been only 2 months since the revolution at the barricade and Gerard is now facing a pergnant fianc, getting marrie, becoming domestic and raising a family. What happens when the past comes back to haunt him...
Will he battle again? But for a different cause. His family.

Read Barricade first...


3. Normality: Gerard

I smiled at her attempt to get up. She was waddling now like a duck but she wasn't taking it the wrong way. She was laughing along. I had the outmost respect for her. Carrying my, our baby arround for 6 months now. 4 of which she didn't know she was pregnant! But she looked beautiful and I know she will be a great mother.
Everything was becoming so normal now. We had stayed in the North and settled into a house. Finally getting over the baby shock, even my scars were leaving me. She was doing amazing. Her morning sickness had all but stopped but she did still get emotional on occasions. She had gotten close with Lauren and remarkably Hadley still lived. They had settled back into their normal lives and often came over as friends do.
Ramin had stay very much Ramin. His olive skin and sleek black hair still made him look very handsome along with his muscular frame. Even his bullet wound was looking much better.
That makes up the survivors of the Barricade.
"What are you thinking about?" Sierra quizzed shaking me back to reality.
"Nothing really. Just us."
She smiled and kissed me.
"Can we go for a walk?"
"Sure?" I was confused. We never went walking. "We better get ready then." and she left for te bathroom and I followed.
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