Barricade: Change

It's been only 2 months since the revolution at the barricade and Gerard is now facing a pergnant fianc, getting marrie, becoming domestic and raising a family. What happens when the past comes back to haunt him...
Will he battle again? But for a different cause. His family.

Read Barricade first...


2. Bump: Sierra

"Good morning little one." I smooth my hand over my doming stomach. "and good mornig to you." I rolled over and kissed Gerard's cheek.
"Good morning beautiful." his curly brown hair ruffled from the pillows.
He was a handsom man. Tall, with a slight build and curly chocolate brown hair and his eyes. Oh. Those beautiful eyes. His battle scars were finally fading from the barricade. They had been a constant reminder of the pain and suffering.
He laughed and placed his head down gently on the bump.
"Good morning squiggle." he planted a kiss softly on my belly. "Not long now until you can meet your amazing mother. You know she truly is wonderful."
I can't help but smile at him talking to my swollen belly.
"She is. And she will be so proud of you. So will I."
"And we will love you very much." I joined in.
He smiled and looked up at me.
"I love you very much." He kissed me lightly and sighed. "We better get up."
I nod and heave myself out of bed to have a wash. So many little tasks take so much effort now. I glance down noticing for the first time that I can't see my feet.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing." I laugh. Shaking my head. It really did amuse me that my belly was so large.
There was already a little cot prepared at the end of our bed. It had been Gerard's cot. It was a large wicker basket with cotton lining and little knitted blankets. All that was missing was the little one inside me. Soon it would be complete.
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