1. Gossip -Stop

I loved being the 'it' person.The one everyone wanted to be and I was .The way people would turn in the corridors ,trying to get my attention.They way me and Becs would walk into a room and people would freeze even gawp.We were the cool people and you wouldn't cross us...

It was a typical winter morning and as I walked along the muddy canal on the way to school , I smilied.Becs had just texted me saying she thought Lucy had put on weight just on her thighs though.Thunder thighs she called her.I was used to us gossping ,its what we did so I fowarded the text to Gemma,another girl in our particular gang.However Lucy fowarded it,I don't know who to though.When I step into my brown bleaky school everyone was talking about it .

Lucy arrived late to our first lesson .It was history and Mr Davis was droning on about some assessement that was due in next lesson.

'Thunder Thighs'shouted Becca

The class roared out with laughter.Lucy started going pink and tears started falling down her pale cheeks.

'What did you day that for?'I asked

'Its just a bit of banter,God you joined it'replied Becs

'You didn't have to say it to her face though'I growled

Lucy was still standing at the front ,tears still falling.I ran towards her and steered her towards the door into the corridor.

'Are you alright?'I said

'Im fine I just didn't expect it thats all'

'Lucy im sorry I didn't mean to upset you'

'What you didn't say anything,just Becca'

'No I fowarded a text about it '

Lucy's face change.

'I really thought you were different Ava'

'Lucy im sorry'

'Just go back to your stupid Becs'





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