so the girl who is always good in class, talks alot, gets bullied, aparently bullies people somehow , but someone always gets one guy weak at the knees i am a tom boy .....MY name is adrianna spears.


1. intro

okay so this book before you read it you need facts


the girl in the cover has a boyfriend he is abusive his name is josh.

the boy in the cover has a crush on her but his friends think it wont happen because girls will hate her 

the girl her name is adrianna spears

the boy of course is niall horan

the girl kinda likes the boy

the boy always been nice to her

the girl has an abusive dad

the parents always fight

the boy secrtly knows about her parents

her dad is an acholic

her mom works intill 1 am 

her mom comes to work at 10 pm

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